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Reset Call PointReset Call Point

The ReSet series of resettable manual call points mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element. Several switching arrangements are available including a version for 2-wire systems.

Once installed, the ReSet need never be opened for test or reset. With no moving parts accessible to the engineer or user, the ReSet is proven to be highly reliable and robust.

Available as both internal or waterproof units, the ReSet features a warning indicator which drops into view at the top of the window on activation. The unit is then simply reset with a special key and is ready for immediate use.

The red indoor and waterproof series 01 models are approved to EN 54-11.

ReSet Call Point

Positive action - mimics the feel of breaking glass

ReSet Call Point

A warning indicator drops into view when the call point is activated

ReSet Call Point

To reset, a simple key is inserted into the bottom of the call point

ReSet Call Point

A quick turn of the key and the call point is reset and immediately
ready for re-use

Waterproof ReSetFeatures

  • Glass appearance maintains deterrence
  • No need to open to reset - just use the key provided
  • Complete functional test with every activation
  • Two built-in resistor values minimises installation errors and ensures compatibility
  • Waterproof version available
  • Double pole changeover version available
  • Available in five colours - red, green, blue, yellow or white - for a diverse range of applications

    ReSet is available in five colours - red, green, blue, yellow and white Double pole changeover version available

Call Point Protection

The internal ReSet call point is available with a housing that incorporates an integral cover to help stop malicious or accidental fire alarm activation. This complements the existing range of products providing call point protection.

Together with the weatherproof version, the integral cover and other product options offer four levels of protection, appropriate for any environment.

ReSet Call Point with integral cover

Call Point Stopper

Integral cover


Call Point Stopper