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Hydrosense Water Detection System

Hydrosense helps protect a wide range of diverse building environments against the damaging effects of water damage.
These accessories extend the functionality of the system beyond detection to control and switching of third-party products.

Other options protect cables and Probes from damage and contribute to increasing the effectiveness of Hydrosense systems.


This very responsive sensing cable is designed to be fixed under false floors, in ceiling voids and other enclosed spaces.

Key Features

  • Available in 5 and 10 metre lengths (other lengths on request)
  • Simple connection and termination
  • Consistent sensitivity
  • Aesthetically attractive


This very responsive sensing cable is designed to be fixed under false floors, in ceiling voids and other enclosed spaces.

Key Features

  • Mechanically Robust
  • Drip Tray and Floor
  • Mounted Variants Available
  • Height adjustable clip option

Serial I/0 ModuleSerial I/O Module ID

Our VID design is superior in performance with very bright LEDs and consistent performance across lens colors. If a VAD is not required, use of our TriTone with VID (visual alarm device)will mean that the beacon is clearly visible when required.

Key Features

  • 16 Channel input/output
  • 8 way relay
  • 4 way conventional zone
  • 6 way sounder, 2 relay outputs, 2 inputers
  • Enclosure for the ID-SIO-xx Modules
  • All modules can be configured to include PSU's

Height-adjusterHeight Adjuster for Hydrosense Probe

The height adjustment kit allows Probes to be mounted up to 20mm from the floor in areas where small amounts of water are present (Probe sold seperately).

Key Features

  • Avoids false alarms caused by cleaning activities and other allowable water presence
  • Graduated height adjustment in 2mm steps

Drip-Tray-Mounting-KitDrip Tray Mounting Kit

Commonly used accessory for easy mounting onto the edge of Air Condition unit drip trays. (Probe sold seperately)

Key Features

  • Allows Probes to monitor for drip tray overflow
  • Probe can be height-adjusted to suit application

Fixing-ClipsCable Fixing Clips

These recommended clips are suitable for both Hydrowire and Probe cable, ensuring necessary flat to the floor installation.

Key Features

  • Use every 500mm for optimum direction
  • Suitable for both Probe and Hydrowire cable
  • Screw or adhesive fix
  • Pack of 100

Protection CageProtection Cage

Useful accessory to avoid Probes being accidentally dislodged or moved. (Probes sold seperately)

Key Features

  • Very robust protection for Hydrosense Probes
  • 'Stand-offs' allow for water to flow to Probe sensors

Zone-Breaker-Extension-LeadZone Breaker/Extension Lead

Useful accessory to avoid Probes being accidentally dislodged or moved. (Probes sold seperately)

Key Features

  • Can 'bridge' lengths of Hydrowire
  • Used for Extending Probes from Loop/Conventional Interfaces

Hydro-cryerHydro-Cryer Voice Sounder

This Voice Enhanced Sounder delivers a pre-recorded message alert tailored to the Hydrosense system

Key Features

  • 'Water Leak Detected' Alarm sounder activated via control panel
  • Available in multiple languages and message configurations


Smart audible/visual indicator providing clear indication of water leak.

Key Features

  • Activated by control panel
  • Can be both flush or surface mounted

Short-Message-CommunicatorShort-Message Communicator

This Short Message Communicator uses GPRS technology, allowing two-way communication and control

Key Features

  • Assessing system status via SMS communication
  • Simply requires 24Vdc and control panel integration via the remote alarm contact

Mains-Relay-ControllerMains Relay Controller

Adressable Interface allowing for 110/230 V 5 Amp switching of solenoids and other electro-mechanical devices.

Key Features

  • Controllable Via Hydrosense system protocol
  • Provides several monitored inputs/outputs
  • Loop Powerered

Genesis, sealed lead acid, tabPanel Batteries

The Genesis NP battery range leads the way in battery quality and reliability.

Key Features

  • Battery back up of panels provides water leak detection during mains power failure
  • 2 x 7.2 Ah recommended for ultimate standby and backup

Serial I/0 ModuleRemote Indicator ID

Loop-driven visual indication of a water leak.

Key Features

  • Interfaced with the adressable loop

Remote-IndicatorRemote Indicator HS

Visual indication of water alarm status. Wired to conventional interfaces

Key Features

  • Provides bright blue LED on activation
  • Can be flush or surface mounted

Secure-Mains-Isolator-SwitchSecure Mains Isolator Switch

All critical Building Infrastructure Control Panels should be isolated by a dedicated key-operated switch.

Key Features

  • Avoids accidental deactivation of panel
  • Best-practice installation calls for engineer key for panel isolation