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The exciting new range of Identifire products has been developed to provide the Fire, Detection and Alarm sector with a variety of sleek, asethetically-pleasing evacuation and alarm accessories that offer a consistent look and feel across the entire range.

What sets Identifire apart is that it is the only group of evacuation and alarm products available on the market that allows for both flush and surface mounting across the range. This unique flush mounting ability and square from gives this range continuity and an aesthetic edge over its competitors.

Identifire Tritone Image R Identifire TriTone Sounder

A simple sounder with a great story. Able to be flush or surface mounted with no effect on performance. Available in red or white, TriTone can be customised with customers' logos or other text.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Approved to EN54-3 by UL
  • 96 dB(A) output
  • 6 mA current consumption
  • Low profile and subtle design

Identifire TriTone with VID surfaceIdentifire TriTone Sounder with VID

Our VID design is superior in performance with very bright LEDs and consistent performance across lens colors. If a VAD is not required, use of our TriTone with VID (visual alarm device)will mean that the beacon is clearly visible when required.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Compliant to EN 54 Part 3
  • Very Bright VID beacon
  • Combines Sound and VID
  • Flush or surface mounted

Identifire- MultiTone Base SounderIdentifire MultiTone Base Sounder

For installations requiring sounders to mount beneath detector bases, the Identifire range has a solution. With 32 selectable tones, our Base Sounder can also be configured to match the three tones available in the Identifire TriTone range.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Compliant to EN 54 Part 3
  • Low profile design for detector base use
  • Matched to the TriTone tones
  • 32 selectable tones for consistency

Identifire-VID-Beacon Identifire VID Beacon

We use high quality LEDs to provide a beacon/strobe suitable for all general signalling and ancillary fire signalling. Available in red, amber, clear, blue and green lenses.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Very bright VID beacon
  • Ideal for many general signalling applications
  • Can be grid mounted for industrial applications
  • Five different lens colours available

Identifire-Remote-Lamp-Unit Identifire Remote Lamp Unit

A bright LED indicator for use on both conventional and adressable alarm systems. Can be flush or surface mounted.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Very bright, visual LED
  • Available with both red and blue LED's
  • Suitable for use on both conventional and adressable alarm systems
  • Can be printed with any text in any language

Identifire-Remote-Lamp-Buzzer-UnitIdentifire Remote Lamp Buzzer Unit

With the same features as our Remote Lamp Unit with the addition of an internal buzzer.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Subtle local alarm
  • Audible/Visual indication of alarm
  • Ideal for nurse stations, theatres and building control offices
  • Can be printed with any text in any language

Identifire-Sounder-Circuit-Relay Identifire Auxiliary Relay Unit

Used to provide an output to third-party components or system ancillaries, such as door holder power supplies to allow for activation/deactivation of system components during alarm.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Dual pole - live and negative both isolated
  • 8 Amp, 250 V AC rating
  • Dual pole-live and negative both isolated
  • Consistent with the entire Identifire range
  • Can be flush or surface mounted
  • Bright LED signals activation

Identifire-System-Connection-BoxIdentifire System Connection Box

High quality and sturdy connection box enabling installers and specifiers to match system wiring junctions with other Identifire products.
View datasheet here.

Key Features
  • Consistent 'Identifire' Design
  • Can be printed for easy identification
  • Can be surface or flush mounted

Identifire-Mains-Isolator-SwitchIdentifire Mains Isolator Switch

As recommended in BS5839-1 and applied as best practice world-wide, our Mains Isolator switch is consistent with the rest of the Identifire range. Mains isolators are often installed in dark or restricted areas. A bright status LED is therefore vital.

Key Features
  • Rated at a true 8 Amp switch rating
  • Key can be removed in any state
  • '901' durable and proven engineers key switch
  • Bright LEDs for clear status signal in dark environments