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Door HoldersElectromagnetic Door Holders

Arguably the single most important fire safety mechanism, electromagnetic door holders guard against the lethal spread of toxic smoke and fumes - by far the greatest cause of death in fires.

The Vimpex range of door holders offers the installer the broadest choice of mounting styles, holding power and installation accessories.

Mounted onto a fixed surface, these door holders ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate. Interfaced with the fire alarm system, the door holders are de-energised as soon as the fire is detected thus releasing the door without the
potentially harmful delay suffered by other types of devices.

General Features
  • Choice of holding power, 200-1000N
  • Various styles and mounting methods available including heavy duty, wall mounted and universal units
  • Wired or wireless acoustically triggered units
  • Standard units feature strong back box
  • Heavy duty, high power versions stocked
  • Integrated release button as standard - Remote release buttons available
  • Approved to EN 1155 and CE Marked

Wireless Acoustic Door Holder
  • Wireless Acoustic Door HolderDoor holder is triggered acoustically when the fire alarm sounders are activated
  • Battery-powered - 12 months battery life from 2 ‘C’ cells
  • 200 N holding force
  • Easily installed and programmed
  • Learns the sound of the fire alarm
  • Battery life indication and low battery warning
  • Programmable for automatic release and re-hold for day / night
    View datasheet here.

Acoustic Door Holder Extension Bracket Wireless Acoustic Door Holder
  • Sheet steel construction
  • Swivel bracket to allow mounting in any plane
  • Powder coated while RAL9016
  • Supplied with fixings to suit acoustic door holder
    View datasheet here.

Standard Door HoldersStandard Door Holders

  • Supplied as standard with 200N
    holding force
  • Attractive finish, featuring a strengthened cast back box
  • Metal enclosure means no heat fatigue
  • Available in 230 V ac and 24 V dc
  • Flush mounted versions and units with a greater holding force also available
    View datasheet here.

Eco-Range Door Holders
Eco-Range Door Holders
  • Two holding forces available -
    200N and 500N
  • Zero residual force
  • Available in 230 V ac and 24 V dc
  • Approved to EN 1155 and CE Marked
  • High quality and cost effective
    View datasheet here.

Heavy Duty Door Holders

  • Heavy Duty Door HoldersTwo versions available: wall mounted and floor mounted
  • Heavy duty casting is vandal resistant
  • Two holding forces available - 200N and 500N
  • Designed for where accidental damage or vandalism is a problem
  • Ideal for areas such as schools, hospitals, warehouses, car parkss
    View datasheet here.

Universal Door HolderUniversal Door Holders

These rugged and versatile door holders can be used for many different door holding applications. Universal Door Holders can be either floor or wall mounted.

Available in two standard lengths - 200 or 300 mm, there is also a choice of two holding forces - 500 or 1000N. Please check the technical data for exact dimensions according to wall or floor configuration.
View datasheet here.

Waterproof Door Holder

  • Waterproof Door HolderIdeal for external use and harsh environments
  • Robust steel construction - 1200N holding force
  • Sealed against water ingress (IP65)
  • Available in 230 V ac and 24 V dc
  • Supplied with keeper plate
  • Terminated via IP65 connector (supplied)
    View datasheet here.

Door Release Rocker Switch

Release ButtonsA retractable Door Release switch, designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s interior design.
View datasheet here.