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The Banshee Excel™ Sounder RangeThe Banshee Excel™ Sounder Range

Vimpex has a sounder to suit most applications, including the extensive Banshee Excel range - click here for more information.

VSP-101 Security Sounder

This compact 105dBA Security Sounder is designed as a stand alone unit for internal use. The unit is also capable of operating in an external protected environment such as polycarbonate bell boxes. The unit is surface mounted and is able to utilise square trunking.

VSP-101 Security SounderThe VSP-101 Security Sounder combines acoustic knowledge together with a high standard of styling and design.

Tamper switch will signal an alarm if either the housing is removed from the back plate or the whole unit is removed from its fixing.
View datasheet here.

  • Supply voltage 12 V dc
  • High output - 105 dB(A)
  • Low current - 60 mA typical
  • Dual action Anti-Tamper Switch
  • Two selectable distinct tones
  • Surface mounting - utilises BS4662 and 5733 wall boxes
  • Designed to Comply with EN50131 Security Grade III & Environmental Class II

Ani-Mate® animal-friendly sounderAni-Mate®

The Ani-Mate® animal friendly sounder uses a specifically developed low frequency tone (sub 400 Hz) that is designed to minimise discomfort to animals.

The Ani-Mate® is designed to conform to the ‘silent’ fire alarm. The ‘silent’ fire alarm(1) was developed because of the need for an effective alarm signal in laboratory animal facilities which did not stress the animals every time it was tested.

Small mammals in particular can be distressed by the frequency of tones emitted by standard electronic sounders and bells. It is only by using a conventional cone loudspeaker that pure low frequencies can be reproduced and thus disturbance to animals be minimised.

Ani-Mate® Weatherproof animal-friendly sounderAvailable as either an internal model housed in an attractive white painted metal enclosure or as an outdoor weatherproof unit in a grey IP66 enclosure, the Ani-Mate® gives excellent sound output with a wide range volume control.

As a 24 V dc unit, the Ani-Mate® is easily interfaced with the existing fire alarm system

Whilst the Ani-Mate® can be used as a simple replacement for traditional sounders and bells, it can also be used as a voice sounder (although not compatible with the Fire-Cryer® range of voice sounders).
View datasheet here.

  • Sub 400 Hz frequency designed to minimise stress to animals
  • 24 V dc operation means easy interface to existing systems
  • IP66 weatherproof unit for outdoor use
  • Attractive, low profile designs
  • Wide volume control - 89 to 103 dB(A)

(1)Clough G & Fasham JAL: A ‘silent’ fire alarm. Lab. Anim. 9, 193-196, 1975.

Vimpex Base SounderIdentifire Base Sounder

The slimmest sounder in its class, the Vimpex Base Sounder supplies true omni-directional sound output and is fully compatible with the other sounders in the range.

The sounder comes with 32 user-selectable tones incorporating low frequencies, high frequencies, European, American and Australian normsand all industrystandard frequency patterns.

Tested and approved to EN 54 Part 3, the Identifire Base Sounder fits neatly under any ceiling mounted fire detector or can be mounted stand-alone with the use of a front blanking plate.

The unit is available in three colours - white, ivory and red, to match the majority of fire detectors currently available
View datasheet here.



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