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Fire-Cryer® Plus RangeFire-Cryer® Plus Voice Sounders

Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice Sounders

Fire-Cryer® Plus products comprise the broadest range of voice sounders available. From the Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus designed for discreet mounting under fire detector heads to the powerful Maxi, all Fire-Cryers® can broadcast 7 user-selectable messages chosen from a library of hundreds. Foreign language and bespoke messages are also available - listen to sample messages opposite.

The Fire-Cryer® Plus offers simple, fully synchronised and cost-effective voice evacuation. Whether retro-fitted into an existing installation or as part of a new system design, the four unique Fire-Cryer® Plus models can be fully integrated into the fire alarm system and work on a conventional two-wire bell circuit.

The four Fire-Cryer® Plus voice sounder models in the range meet every requirement from residential and light commercial to heavy industrial applications. Find out more about the Fire-Cryer® Plus through a series of video clips.

Fire-Cryer® Plus

Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice SounderThis voice/strobe combination allows the user to define which of the seven messages are accompanied by the flashing strobe.

  • Sound output - 100 dB(A)*
  • Optional integral strobe - red lens with red LED or clear lens with dual white and amber LEDs
  • Low current - average 20 mA
  • No special wiring, easily retro-fitted
  • Deep base version available to IP66

Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice SounderMini Fire-Cryer® Plus

Slimline base sounder for discreet mounting under fire detectors. Cover plate available for wall mounting.

  • Sound output - 90 dB(A)*
  • Ultra-Slim base sounder to fit industry-standard detectors
  • Omni-directional sound output
  • Choice of colour to match detectors
  • Installer-friendly connections
  • Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting
  • Optional front plate for stand-alone use

Midi Fire-CryerMidi Fire-Cryer®

A high-powered voice sounder designed for environments requiring a high output, such as industrial applications, large open spaces like warehouses, factories, and areas of public gathering or transit.

  • High Output up to 110 dB(A) @ 1 Metre (Tone dependant)
  • Corrosion proof IP 66 rated enclosure
  • Unit can be mounted using external lugs or internal BESA compatible fixing
  • Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations) with single glanded entry

Maxi Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice SoundersMaxi Fire-Cryer® Plus

High-powered voice sounder designed for less hospitable environments such as industrial applications, large open spaces like warehouses and factories, and areas of public gathering or transit.

  • Fully compatible with Fire-Cryer® Plus and Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus
  • High output - up to 116dB(A)*
  • Rugged, weatherproof enclosures

Fire-Cryer® Solo Logo

Fire-Cryer® Solo RangeFire-Cryer® Solo Voice Sounder

The single-message Fire-Cryer® Solo provides a cost-effective, entry-level voice sounder for less demanding voice evacuation applications.

With the same specification and features as the Fire-Cryer® Plus, the Solo is programmed with a single message:

Fire Emergency. Please remain calm and evacuate the building immediately”.

Fire-Cryer® Controllers

Voice Message Controller (VMC)Voice Message Controller (VMC)

In order to control the 7 messages on a Fire-Cryer® Plus system, the Fire-Cryer® Plus Voice Message Controller can be used. The VMC is a fully wired switching interface with clear operation instructions printed on the facia.

  • Ideal for retrofit installations
  • Eases integration of the Fire-Cryer® Plus at new sites
  • Can be linked for synchronisation over numerous zones
  • Ease of use benefits the customer

*Tone output may vary depending on chosen sound.

Extinguishing ControllerExtinguishing Controller (EP2)

The Fire-Cryer Extinguishing Controller (EP2) allows the integration of Fire-Cryer® sounders with gas suppression systems, delivering the proven effectiveness of voice enhanced audible signalling.


Listen to Sample Messages

Sample messages are WAV files which will play on your default media player. Click on the flag below to hear a typical sample message in the selected language:

English French German Spanish Swedish

Norwegian Welsh Turkish Arabic

Message Lists

A full list of the available messages for each language can be downloaded from the list below.