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VPSU Series

VPSU 24 Series
Type A, Ungraded, Environmental Class

VPSU Series Type A, Ungraded, Environmental Class 2 PSUThe Vimpex VPSU 24 series of PSUs are switched mode power supplies ideal for general use, Door Holders and CCTV cameras.
View datasheet here.

  • 1.0 A, 2.0 A, 3.0 A & 5.0 A versions
  • 24 Vdc versions
  • Up to 7.0 Ah battery capacity on most models
  • Highly efficient power conversion - better than 85%
  • Constant current battery charging available on most models
  • Tamper switch output
  • Self resetting electronic fuse

VPSU-24VFO Series
Type A, Ungraded, Environmental Class 2

The Vimpex VPSU-24VFO series of power supplies are switched mode power supplies with three normally closed volt-free outputs for signalling status and serviceability of the units.

The switched output is designed for highly inductive loads such as access control door strikes and locks and is protected to control high voltage back-EMF spikes.

  • 1.0 A, 3.0 A and 5.0 A versions
  • Battery charging up to 17.0 Ah capacity
  • PSU fault volt-free output and LED display
  • Battery fault volt-free output and LED display
  • AC power status volt-free output and LED display
  • On/Off power switching control input with pull-up, compatible with voltage-free contacts
  • Status LED display indicating normal/standby operation and On/Off switching status
  • Power supply internal fault monitoring and over-voltage output protection
  • Inductive and capacitive load switching surge protection and snubbing
  • Intelligent electronic fuse output protection with automatic reset
  • Highly efficient power conversion - better than 85%
  • Constant current battery charging

Engineer’s Tool

Engineer’s Tool
This handy tool allows the installer to monitor the performance of power supply, system currents and voltages, the condition of batteries and a log of PSU events and faults. It can also be used to calibrate and test power supplies.
View datasheet here.

Identifire Series - EN 54-4 Approved PSU and Chargers

Identifire Series EN5 4-4 Approved PSU and ChargersThe Identifire series of EN 54-4 Approved switched-mode power supplies has intelligent on-demand load sharing capability to provide exceptional flexibility. This allows rapid large capacity battery charging with either extended standby hold-up duration at light loads, or short high current peak loads where spare output capacity is diverted to battery charging.
View datasheet here.

  • Designed for use in fire alarm systems complying with EN 54-2 & EN 54-4
  • 1.5A, 3A and 5A versions with 2 x steel housing options
  • Intelligent On Demand Battery Charging
  • 2 Steel Housings Housing up to 17.0Ah Batteries
  • On Board and Optional Remote Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Supplies a nominal 27V with 2 x 12V lead acid batteries providing full standby operation
  • 2 Independently controlled outputs as standard to comply with EN 54-4 & BS 5839-1:2013 requirements
  • Battery Free Operation Option (Non EN 54-4 Compliant)

K25000 Series - EN 54-4 Approved PSU and Chargers

K25000 Series EN 54-4 Approved PSU and Chargers Fully certified to EN 54-4 power supplies provide a stable and fully regulated, true 24 Vdc output for fire alarm system applications under all power conditions. The unique regulation techniques ensure that even when running on standby batteries, a stable 24 Vdc supply is available to all parts of the system ensuring that all 24 Vdc powered devices connected are supplied with optimum power.

The powerful onboard micro controller ensures that all battery types are conditioned with optimum, temperature compensated charging algorithms to maximise battery life and maintain batteries in top condition.

Optional dual output path (KD) variant available, to provide two independent supply paths between the power supply unit and the control panel in accordance with EN 54-4 clause 6.4 and BS 5839 pt1, clause 12.2.2.m requirements.

Vimpex EN 54-4 compliant power supplies can be fitted with an optional dual fused output monitoring module to ensure compliance with European standards when supplying fire control panels with an external power supply.
View datasheet here.

  • 2.5 A and 5.25 A versions
  • Enclosure provides space for batteries
  • 110 Vac or 230 Vac input
  • Regulated, true 24 Vdc output
  • Intelligent battery charging and temperature compensation
  • House up to 17.2 Ah batteries
  • Status indicators for monitored faults
  • Dual output option for powering fire alarm control panels remotely
  • Fully enclosed and robust construction

The Genesis NP Battery Range
The Genesis NP Battery Range

The Genesis NP battery range leads the way in battery quality and reliability. Developed by world leading manufacturer Enersys, the Genesis NP series is the culmination of more than ten decades of battery manufacturing experience.

Sizes available range from 1.2Ah to 38Ah, meaning that we can provide a battery for almost any Fire, Security or Industrial application.

A high energy density and leak proof construction guarantees excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications - thus making Genesis the most reliable and versatile maintenance free rechargeable sealed lead acid battery on the market.
View datasheet here.