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Signaline Linear Heat DetectionSignaline Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection provides early detection of fire conditions or overheating of equipment, plant or the surrounding area.

Signaline linear heat detection cables are conventional heat detectors in a linear form. They sense heat anywhere along their length and are designed to be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Heat sensing cables can be used with or in place of conventional heat detectors or where conventional heat detection is expensive or difficult to install and maintain.

  • Highly cost effective
  • Easily installed
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be used in intrinsically safe areas and dusty or harsh environments down to -40 °C

Two types of Signaline linear heat detection cable are available; Fixed Temperature - Signaline FT and Analogue - Signaline HD.

  • Cable Trays
  • Plant Rooms
  • Vehicles
  • Multi Storey Car Parks
  • Thatched Roofs
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Waste Recycling Facilities
  • Process Plants
  • Hazardous Areas
  • Power Stations
    • Coal conveyors
    • Cable Tunnels
    • Access Tunnels
    • Plant Rooms
  • Shipping and Marine
    • Engine Room
    • Cable Ducts
    • Ceiling Voids
    • Kitchens

Signaline Applications

Signaline FT - Fixed Temperature Heat Sensing CablesSignaline FT - Fixed Temperature Heat Sensing Cables

Available in three different alarm temperatures 68 °C, 88 °C or 105 °C which are UL Listed and FM Approved and two cover options for the 68 °C 105 °C cables. A high temperature cable of 185 °C is also available to provide a full range of fixed temperature heat sensing cables.

Signaline FT heat sensing cables can be used as a standalone system or connected to any conventional control panel and can cover up 3 km in a single zone.

The Signaline FT range of linear heat detection cable is UL Listed and FM approved.

Alarm Point Distance Locator (APDL)

The APDL is an optional Alarm Point Distance Locating device exclusively for use with Signaline FT heat sensing cables.

The APDL is designed to interface between an approved control panel or addressable module and a single length of Signaline FT heat sensing cable.

Signaline HD - Analogue Heat Sensing CablesSignaline HD - Analogue Heat Sensing Cables

Signaline HD is an analogue heat sensing cable that monitors significant increases in temperature and provides an early warning of fire. The cable is fully resettable, EN 54 compliant and VdS approved.

Signaline HD heat sensing cable requires a controller to interface with conventional or addressable systems.

The Signaline HD cable is VdS approved to EN 54-5:2001 and EN 54-17:2001.

Signaline HD Controller

Signaline HD - ControllerSignaline HD analogue heat sensing cable must be used with a Signaline HD controller and End of Line Unit. These enable the Signaline HD heat sensing cable to be fully monitored for open and short circuit.

The controllers are equipped with volt free fire and fault relays that are connected to the fire control panel via an Interposing Line Unit. Alternatively the Controller can be used as a stand alone device using the relay contacts to activate subsidiary equipment.

  • Easy and economical to install
  • Very simple to set up and operate
  • Controller will monitor up to 300m of sensor cable (dependent on ambient temperature)
  • The sensor cable is resistant to corrosion and moisture and can be reset after use