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Anti-Vandal Range

The Anti-Vandal range has been designed to protect essential fire and security equipment and counteracts the effects of malicious false alarms, fire extinguisher theft or misuse, detector damage and the unauthorised use of emergency exit doors.

Smart+Guard Protective Call Point CoverSmart+Guard Protective Call Point Covers

The Smart+Guard is a tough polycarbonate hinged protective cover that can easily be installed over a range of emergency switches and other devices to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse - more information
View datasheet here.

  • Designed for ease of installation, the Smart+Guard can be fitted in minutes
  • An optional battery powered 90dB alarm can be fitted increasing the security and protection of the device it is covering
  • A break seal can also be fitted to increase the visible detterent against misuse

Smart+Guard II

Smart+Guard II

The Smart+Guard II is larger than the standard sized Smart+Guard and is designed to be installed over larger sized call points and emergency switches.

Smart+Guard II offers the same features and installation options as it’s smaller sibling.
View datasheet here.



Smart+Cage protects essential Fire, Safety and Security equipment from theft, vandalism or accidental damage.

Constructed from PVC coated 4mm steel bar, these tough resilient waterproof cages provide security for a wide range of devices.
View datasheet here.



Smart+Shield products offer a simple and cost-effective way to discourage the misuse of an emergency exit door, or even windows. Adopting the universally recognised word “STOP” on a bright red background, the Smart+Shield is a visually effective deterrent. If activated, a loud noticeable security alarm of 95dBs signals that the exit door has been opened.

Smart+Shield has been designed specifically to prevent unnecessary and unauthorised use of emergency exit doors. Mains or battery powered, in an emergency situation it will not prevent or hinder an evacuation in any way. As soon as the alarm is triggered, it can only be reset using the SMART+Shield key switch. It is completely self-contained, easily installed and is ready to activate on your emergency exit doors in seconds.

You can also adjust the settings to ensure it meets your specific needs. These can include a 30 or 180-second automatic alarm switch off, and volume adjustment to 75 decibels. The Smart+Shield can also be used as a delayed alarm to ensure emergency exit routes do not stay open and are suitable for use with central alarm systems.

View datasheet here.