Vlitex Fire Blankets

Fire protection and fire fighting rethought – because modern technologies also require modern methods. Safety – for you, for us and for the environment. Fire blankets made of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric even succeed in fighting battery fires. We will be pleased to convince you of this.


The only Fire blanket certified for Battery Fires


Long, Marked handles for sufficient safety distance when overthinking


Spread out in seconds due to innovative folding technology

Fire Blanket in use

A car on fire - covered with the VLITEX car fire blanket is immediately contained and the flames are smothered within a very short time

Vlitex Fire Blankets

Premium fire blankets for use on burning (electric) cars, SUVs, motor bikes and other (electric) vehicles

Premium Fire Blanket - Electric Vehicles

Fire is stifled immediately after application of the VLITEX fire blanket. In case of battery fires, the battery will continue to burn in a controlled manner with a significantly reduced surrounding temperature and smoke production. Thanks to the special silicone coating the penetration of dirt, toxic substances and oxygen is reduced.

  • Effectively prevents the spread of fire to surrounding objects after only a few seconds
  • Curbs smoke production - which enables earlier clearance for car traffic
  • Environment-friendly application - no contamination, such as with water/foam
  • Saves resources - the VLITEX fire blankets PREMIUM S/M* can be used several times
  • High tear resistance thanks to glass fibre fabrics with silicone coating on both sides (max. tensile strengths:
  • Delivery in a smart transport bag or metal box for mounting on a wall