New Product Announcement - Wide Voltage Relay

The Identifire Wide Voltage Relay is an extremely flexible auxiliary relay solution. Able to be triggered by dc or ac supply, by any voltage between 10V-30V dc and 10-20V ac. Wide voltage triggering and load capabilities of up to 5 Amp dc and 8 Amp ac, makes it the perfect relay solution for all service engineers and installers.

Available in three mounting variants: Flush; Surface; and PCB-only. Using the Identifire family face plate - allowing for easy and aesthetically pleasing installations alongside the other accessories within the range. Like all the Identifire family they can be flush mounted into any standard recessed electrical box.

The PCB-only (non mains switching) variant allows installation within third party equipment for discrete or bespoke applications. 

This one unit can be deployed in a wide array of applications including: fire door holders; access control & door entry systems; and security systems in many industry sectors including fire, security and industrial control. 

Some of the many key features of the product include,

-  Available in Red and White variants

-  Capable of switching mains voltages

-  Neutral and earth cable terminals for safe mains wiring

-  Can be daisy chained where multiple units are required

-  Double pole relay 

-  Wide 10-30V dc/ 10-20V ac trigger voltages

-  LED indication of activation

-  One relay many applications

-  Reduced number of relays required to stock and take to site 

The Wide Voltage Relay

The must carry relay for all on site engineers across the Fire and Security Industry.

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