We’ve reached some important manufacturing milestone

Into the 5th year of our being a fully fledged UK manufacturer, and Vimpex is reaching some important manufacturing milestones;

• Only UK independent manufacturer specializing in FD&A Evacuation products

• Over 300,000 UK manufactured products in four years

• Six previously Far East manufactured products ‘reshored’ to Vimpex manufacturing

• PCB production capabilities revolutionized by our new Europlacer SMT line

• Two EU subsidiaries set up to ensure seamless product supply to our important EU customers

Vimpex is the only independent UK manufacturer specializing in Fire Detection and Alarm System (FD&A) evacuation products. The company is hugely proud of its reputation as Europe's leading independent manufacturer and distributor of high quality evacuation, signalling and building infrastructure system products for installers, distributors and OEM manufacturers.

At Vimpex’s core is the design, manufacture and distribution of trusted and affordable fire alarm, signalling and evacuation products. Since 2018 the company has established in-house

manufacturing capabilities which it continues to develop and grow. 4 years later and with production passing over 300,000 products Vimpex is, in these uncertain times, giving customers

greater certainty of quality, costs and delivery times.

We’ve ‘reshored’ some of our core product range

Since Vimpex started manufacturing in the UK in 2018 a growing number of the company’s core products have been ‘reshored’ from the Far East including Fire-Cryer, SmartGuard, BZ1L, Identifire Remote Lamp Unit, ClamBell and StroBell.

Vimpex Managing Director James Jones, says that “Establishing the company’s UK manufacturing production facility has allowed Vimpex to innovate and increase its product ranges, markets and territories, and to significantly increase export ac9vity in targeted markets. Furthermore, because we had a blank canvas on which to build our manufacturing facility we have been able to design all of the production cells so that everything flows efficiently, allowing us to manufacture product much more competitively for the market than we could if we had to import it.”

Vimpex’s PCB production capabilities revolutionized!

Automated component feeders, component verificaFon and off-line programming has really revolutionized #Vimpex’s PCB production capabilities. A newly commissioned Europlacer SMT line will provide far more accurate placing, more efficient production and the ability to minimize cost increases through increases in productivity.

We’re proudly Britiish but we remain in Europe

To ensure it’s as easy as possible for our important EU customers to deal with us, we’ve created two Vimpex EU subsidiaries to ensure that non UK customers can continue to purchase our products without any trade barriers, and with little or no change in our service levels. Our established Company, Vimpex BV based in Amsterdam, has a warehouse facility for the

distribution of products throughout the EU which allows customers to continue purchasing products without the need to import them from the UK. Our long established Swedish Company,

Vimpex Interguard AB in Bankeryd, allows us to ship directly to Sweden without any worries about customs clearance etc.