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  Fire Dynamics - Training

Fire Dynamics

Introductory to Advanced Firefighters

Benjamin Walker is an award-winning Firefighter Officer, published author and innovative trainer of Firefighters worldwide.

Combining cutting edge developments from established experts, with traditional principles of practical Firemanship, Ben's training methods have successfully developed & improved Fire Departments, Firefighters and Fire Officers globally.

Commencing his career in the North East of England, Ben has commanded some of Europe's busiest firehouses. Furthermore, Ben has advanced his experience gaining top marks globally in the worldwide examinations for the Institution of Fire Engineers.

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Through his charitable work, Ben has delivered Firefighter training, created infrastructure and sourced & supplied equipment and resources to Fire Departments in economically deprived areas on three continents. Ben has led Compartment Fire Behaviour Training at the London Fire Brigade (UK) Training School- the 3rd biggest Metropolitan Fire Department in the world.

  • Basic fire dynamics - science for firefighters
  • The combustion process - including flames and fire growth
  • Rapidfire developments - flashover, backdraft, firegas ignition, blowtorch and wind driven
  • The effect of building and construction on fire dynamics
  • Effective water application

"This original and practical course challenges some of the thinking from the last decade and covers the imperative topics that all firefighters need to be fluent in, including the importance of flow rates and the impact of building construction on fire behaviour. The thought provoking use of case studies really brings the reality of the consequences home. This course will add to the tools available to firefighters as they deal with these situations on a daily basis."
Neil Gibbins QFSM FIFireE, International President Institution of Firefighters

Introduction to Fire Dynamics for Firefighters

(No competency in SCBA "wearing" required)

  1. Includes "field laboratory" experiments combustion process pyrolysis, flames, fire development, burning profiles, rapid fire phenomena and water application
  2. Practical Observation live fire exercise- “Dolls House”- delegates observe fire development, alteration of burning profiles, rapid fire developments
  3. Thermal Image Camera Introduction

Firefighter Technician

(Competency in SCBA "wearing" required)

  • Revision of Fire Dynamics
  • Doll's House Experiment
  • Branch / Nozzle Techniques
  • Single Cell live fire "demo/attack" session (Live Burn - Instructor Led)
  • Introduction to Tactical Ventilation
  • Single Cell ventilation profile demonstration (Live Burn - Instructor Led)

Advanced Firefighter Technician

(Competency in SCBA "wearing" required)

  • Revision of Fire Dynamics
  • Branch / Nozzle Techniques
  • Live Fire Evolution Exercise (Live Burn - Instructor Led)
  • Debrief
  • Introduction to "Reading Fire"
  • Tactical Decision Making for Firefighting
  • Teaching Demonstration - "Doll's House" (Candidate Led)
  • Debrief
  • Exercise Planning & Risk Assessment
  • Practical Risk Assessment Exercise (Syndicates)
  • "Demo/Attack" live fire evolution (Candidate Led)

All courses include a full debrief & course evaluation.

and IFE certified courses.

Code Course Duration *Minimum Delegates
FDY01 Fire Dynamics - Introduction 2 days 8 - 12
FDY02 Fire Dynamics - Intermediate 3 days 8 - 12
FDY03 Fire Dynamics - Advanced 4 days 8 - 12

*Delegate numbers can be adjusted to maximise value from each course but teaching ratios will be a maximum of one instructor for every six students.

Other Modules Available

Code Course Duration *Minimum Delegates
TI-01 Thermal Imaging 1 day 8 - 12
MoE-01 Methods of Entry 1 day 8 - 12
TacV-01 Tactical Ventilation 1 day 8 - 12

*Delegate numbers can be adjusted to maximise value from each course but teaching ratios will be a maximum of one instructor for every six students.

Basis of Training Provision - Important Information

  • Courses will be delivered at suitable local sites (fire / police stations are usually perfectly adequate). Facilities required will be explained at the time of booking and will include a suitable classroom with power and internet connectivity as well as an outside area for practical exercises.
  • Courses will be delivered by a minimum of two instructors for up to 12 delegates then an additional instructor for additional people, increasing every 6 delegates.
  • All Instructor expenses including accommodation and subsistence (food etc.) are included within course costs.
  • Where training props (eg vehicles) will be required for a course or module, this will be explained at the time of booking. Local provision will be required.
  • All practical training will be subject to an on-site risk assessment prior to delivery, findings will be recorded and retained but available for scrutiny if required.
  • Assistance recommending/booking local accommodation may be sought (required standards will be explained during the booking process).
  • All courses will be delivered in the English language but can be presented to facilitate local translation if required.
  • Instructor VISA arrangements will be facilitated by the Vimpex Rescue Academy where necessary. Local sponsorship / support is required in certain countries but this will be made clear at the time of booking.
  • All delegates will be provided with comprehensive course notes to support continuing professional development. Administration will be provided by the Vimpex Rescue Academy.
  • Each course will be offered at a fixed price based upon eight delegates. Additional delegates(up to 12) do not incur further charges ensuring that the benefit of increased attendance falls completely to the trained organisation
  • Course costs will be agreed at the time of booking and will be invoiced in Pounds Sterling (£) payable by BACS transfer to the Vimpex Rescue Academy
  • Payment will be against fixed terms agreed at the time of booking. Typical stages include 50% in advance of delivery and the balance upon completion. Certificates will be issued on final settlement
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