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Customer Satisfaction Survey

In relation to other regular suppliers of similar products, how do we compare in the following areas:

| Better |
Same |
Worse |
1. Quality of product >
2. Ease of installation >
3. Product performance / functionality >
4. Competitive pricing >
5. Time taken to deliver orders >
6. Speed of response to enquiries >
7. State of packaging on arrival >
8. Staff friendly and helpful >
9. Technical advice >
How do you rate your
overall experience? >

In view of the above, what would you consider to be our weakest point? (1-9) >

Can you suggest any improvements to existing products or additions to our range?

If applicable, please tick which of the following products you buy regularly from our competitors:

No Yes - Fire Alarm Bells

No Yes - Voice Sounders

No Yes - Call Points

No Yes - Electronic Sounders

No Yes - Combined Sounder/strobes

No Yes - Door Retainers

No Yes - Hazardous area products

No Yes - Water leakage detection

No Yes - Strobe Lights

How often would you like to see a sales or technical representative? >

We are planning a series of personal development seminars (CPD). Would any of your staff be interested in attending product training courses? >
No Yes

How would you prefer to order goods? >

If there was an online shopping facility, would you consider ordering your goods via the Internet? >

No Yes

How often do you access our website? >

If you have accessed your customer price list online, how easy do you find it? >

Would you like to be contacted for a personal tour of the electronic price lists system: No Yes

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

If you wish to complete this form anonymously, please leave the following section blank.

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Quality Control Form

We hope that our products and service are meeting your expectations, but it is vital to have feedback from our customers.  There is always room for improvement and in order to assist us, we are inviting you to respond to the following questions.

When complete please click the button at the bottom of the page.