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Example of Configuration

Hydrosense Water Detection System

Flow ValvesFlow Valves

Hydrosense can accept digital inputs to allow for early indication of issues before a full leak alarm event

Float Switch Float Switch

Water and fuel storage tanks often incorporate float switches or other level measurement devices.
Outputs from these can provide a pre-alarm function via Hydrosense ID systems which would provide early indication of a leak.

Cooling-Refrigeration System FailureCooling/Refrigeration System Failure

Refrigeration systems with a digital fault output can provide early indication of potential water leaks


Hydrosense components can be configured in a fail-safe manner to control or activate many types of third-party electromechanical units, such as solenoid valves to shut down water supply when a leak is detected.

Hydrosense HS Configuration Example Example of Configuration

Hydrosense ID Configuration Example Example of Configuration