Vimpex aims to provide our customers with a single source for their system accessory needs. Therefore alongside our in-house manufactured products, we have developed key partnerships with other industry leading manufacturers. These relationships have been developed over many years and have been selected for their reliability and quality, both from a product and service standpoint.

Having this cross-section of partners ensures we can fulfil the needs of our customers’ numerous market sectors including Fire, Security, Industrial and Building Infrastructure.

Evacuation and signalling solutions
Power supplies & batteries
Hazardous area evacuation solutions
Door holders and closers
Linear heat detection


Our Partners


HBL have over 30 years experience in the Fire & Security Industry. This has enabled them to provide a broad product range  They offer a range of Fire & Security Sounders and Beacons designed to meet the latest regulations.

Analogue and fixed temperature linear heat detection cables for use in addressable and conventional fire alarm systems

Distributors of Door Holders and Closers and wireless battery-powered magnetic door holders. Wired door holders can be mounted onto a fixed surface and ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate. 

Manufacturers of High-Quality Power Solutions for the Fire and Security Industry

Elmdene is a manufacturer of high-quality power solutions for the fire and security industry, selling to 45 countries worldwide. Our products are designed to meet unique requirements, providing reliable and effective power solutions for various applications.

Synaps Technology designs and develops, also for third parties, high technological devices. Some systems for access control, personal safety and fire alarms are currently commercialized by the company itself.

E2S is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signals, manual call points and push buttons for life safety applications in commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore ordinary and hazardous locations.


Manufacturer of electro-hydraulic tools and machines used for rebar processing.

Most reliable, innovatively designed and precision manufactured tools and equipment for the majority of rescue environments

High performance rechargeable LED safety torches designed for the emergency services and other demanding professionals. The ADALIT range the high-powered L-3000 which combines revolutionary optics with a large digital display. The versatile L5 and L5R Plus can be used both as a hand torch and on the helmet. 

Makita, the foremost manufacturer of power tools in the world. With 100 years' experience, their products are lauded the world over for both their performance and quality.

Develop and produce helmets of the highest quality that ensure ultimate protection for the wearer.

Designed and developed alongside rescuers with hands-on rescue experience across the world, the FL360 represents a generation shift in technology, supporting safer operations and speedier casualty location or site clearance. The unit also provides a complete lighting and two-way communication system for casualty instruction and reassurance

BIG has itself excelled by introducing innovative products for ventilation of fire scenes since 1991. The BIG Mobile Grand Ventilators are leading the ventilation of large structures for more than 25 years. Our know-how and our experience of 30 years in sales, development and manufacturing of high performance fans for the fire service results in a new generation of high performance fans Made in Germany. High performance combined with perfect ergonomics and quality have been the target for the new designed fan made by BIG.


Swedish manufacturer of unique specialist detergents for decontamination of firefighter clothing and equipment. Independently verified analysis shows that with specifically designed detergents and appropriate wash programmes, truly excellent cleaning results can be achieved with traditional H2O cleaning

Bringing CO2 cleaning technology from Sweden to the UK, Vimpex are exclusive partners for this innovative company. CO2 can provide a deep decontamination of firefighter clothing including boots and gloves. The SiOX development team is made up of some of the originally developers of CO2 dry cleaning technology so with SiOX, our customers are buying into year of experience.

As Strategic Partners, we work closely with Electrolux to achieve the best possible washing results. Thanks to our relationship with Electrolux Sweden we can ensure our customers have access to the correct programmes and machine configuration to guarantee excellent decontamination of clothing and equipment. From supply of machines only to full turn-key design, consultancy and service support, Vimpex and Electrolux are able to support the UK Fire & Rescue services with a vast range of washing machines, drying equipment, PPE washers and accessories.

Dirty firefighting hoses can harbour significant amounts of carcinogenic material. We believe that cleaning hoses well is as important as cleaning clothing and equipment> Werma hose washers clean, test, dry and coil hoses so that firefighters can be confident that next time they lay a hose, its clean and free of contaminants.

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