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We are Europe’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of high quality fire evacuation and alarm system products for installers, distributors and OEM manufacturers.
Vimpex is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Technical Rescue products and Decontamination Solutions to the Emergency Services.
Ogura are a leading manufacturer of Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders and Metal Hole Punchers. Ogura Tools are manufactured to the highest standards, upheld throughout nine decades in the industry.
Vimpex announce new 'ScanDecon' range to help protect Firefighters
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For 30 years we have been building a reputation for service excellence around our dependable life saving fire evacuation, alarm and signaling products.

We manufacture our own products in the UK including ClamBell, Identifire,

Fire-Cryer, Smart+Guard and Hydrosense.

Renowned too for our knowledge of technical rescue and public safety equipment.

Evidential Approaches to Support Healthier Firefighters Today
Fire-Cryer voice sounders used for Bilingual Evacuation at top Welsh University.
At Vimpex we specialise in customising the majority of our in-house products. Our customers have the opportunity to have their own brand professionally applied to the faceplates in the factory prior to dispatch.

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