Adaro ADALIT ATEX safety Torches

Designed for emergency services teams and other demanding professionals where safety is critical, every ADALIT torch features advanced optics, high quality engineering and has ATEX approval.

ADALIT Safety Torches

High performance rechargeable LED safety torches designed for the emergency services and other demanding professionals. The ADALIT range includes the high-powered L-3000 which combines revolutionary optics with a large digital display. The versatile L5 and L5R Plus can be used both as a hand torch and on the helmet. 

Adaro Adalit L-5000
Adaro L-5000

The L-5000 is the lightest, smartest and brightest hand torch on the market. Featuring a swivelling head, digital display and complex optics. It is suitable for work in the toughest conditions.

  • Rechargeable, handheld and lightweight
  • 3 different intensity settings
  • Head rotates to three different positions
  • 110,000 candle power
Adaro Adalit L-3000/L-3000 Power

A range of high performance professional safety torches that combine elegant design with high intensity LEDs, revolutionary optics and a large digital display.

  • LED Engine technology with a step light system
  • Booster function to illuminate long distances with intense beams
  • Digital display - battery level indication in hours and minutes
Adaro Adalit L-5 Power/L-5 Plus/L-5R Plus

Both the L5 Plus and L5R Plus can be used either handheld or helmet-mounted - each set includes a rotating bracket that allows the light to be directed through 360°. Using high intensity LEDs and a bright LED ‘back light’, the R5 series is compatible with the vast majority of firefighting and rescue helmets.

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion and Alkaline versions
  • Features bright red LED 'back light' for easy identification of colleagues
  • ATEX Approved for hazardous area use
  • Sensor controls light intensity for efficient power management
  • Light duration from 4 to 30 hours - low battery warning
  • Lightweight - IP67 Rated
Adaro Adalit L-1

Excellent Adaro performance in a pen-type format. Supplied with strong magnetic attachment accessory to mount to helmets or other objects.

  • Pen-type torch with superior performance
  • Supplied with powerful magnet for mounting to helmets
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
  • 18+ hours burn time
Adaro Adalit L-90/L-90 Power

Light, small and easy to operate. It incorporates our famous LED Engine optic, including 2 LEDs (spot, flood and step light options). It easily adapts to the firefighter’s tunic. 

  • Spot, flood and stroboscopic options
  • IP67 Ingress protection
  • 2 Versions (Including rechargeable battery option)
  • 20 hour battery life
  • Capable of emitting 280 lumens of light.
  • ATEX Approved for hazardous area use
Adaro Adalit L-30

Lighter, smaller and more powerful than its predecessor, the rechargeable helmet torch L-30 is the firefighter’s indispensable work tool. It incorporates a dual light system (main beam and step light) and two red LED beacons, making it the safest on the market. It is certified ATEX zone 0/20 for use in explosive atmospheres.

  • Power LedEngine optic, with a powerful high penetration in smoke spot light and long range
  • RED LED: 2 rear flashing beacons for positioning
  • Low battery warning
  • IP68 Ingress Protection
  • Lighting source: 350 lumens and 10.000 candela


Made from premium raw materials, Adaro Torches have built an enviable reputation for for their extreme durability long lifespan.


Every torch features advanced engineering and comes with ATEX approval, that's why they are trusted by UK emergency services teams.


Adaro Torches boast some of the lightest, smartest and brightest safety torches on the market today.


The L30 + L5 torches are compatible with the Vimpex brand of Ambulance Helmets