BIG Fire & Ventilation Smoke Blocker and Performance Fans

Some of the world's most innovative and extensive fire and ventilation products designed for firefighting scenes and disaster control.


Robust and innovative products offering world class levels of protection for the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way. 


From smoke curtains to PPV fans, Big Fire products are not just renowned for their performance, but also for ease of use, durability and flexibility.


Big Fire products adhere to the most stringent fire safety regulations and standards.


An innovative range of accessories to support rescue efforts. Our robust and reliable products are fully supported by our service and maintenance activities.

BIG Fire & Ventilation Products

Since 1991, BIG Fire & Ventilation have been designing and developing some of the world's most innovative equipment to assist rescue teams in disaster situations and firefighting teams across the world with improving visibility and operating temperatures for rescue situations.

BIG Fire & Ventilation Smoke Blocking Curtain

With the easily operated tension lever, the portable smoke blocker made out of heat resistant fabric can be installed quickly into a door or entrance opening. The door to the affected area can then be opened so firefighters can enter the room behind for their operations without the spread of smoke and heat in the building. Escape routes for the residents and retreat ways for the fire fighters can then be kept smoke-free.

It is possible for the security backup to stay close to the attacking firefighters so the time for a rescue operation in case of a breathing protection emergency is considerably reduced. Dangerous situations through the spread of smoke and heat are effectively minimised or avoided because the portable smoke blocker allows control of the inflow of air to the area of the fire for directed and controlled ventilation.

  • Keeps escape routes smoke-free
  • Improved safety for firefighting operations
  • Easy and fast installation
BIG Fire & Ventilation High Performance Fans HP18 and HP21

These high performance fans ensure immediate improvements in visibility and lower temperatures inside the burning object, meaning rescue and firefighting operations can be handled quicker and safer. Effective ventilation clears the area in front of the fire from smoke and heat, thus increasing the chance for survival for trapped persons. In an emergency, the security squad can approach significantly faster.

Low weight and compact dimensions have been the focus of the design team and thanks to the innovative material mix, the HP18 is the lightest high performance fan in its class. Due to its compactness, the high performance fan also requires little space in the vehicle. Handling and loading of the vehicle are thereby considerably simplified.

High performance fans with combustion engines offer high air outputs, are quick to use and self-sufficient. There is no need for electric power or water supply to the high performance fan. They are therefore ideal as a first attack tool. The optimally positioned rubber feet ensure optimum stability at all surface conditions. Only proven combustion engines of the Honda GX series are used and ensure a reliable operation.

  • The universal fan for the ventilation of fire scenes
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Range of fans for every operation
  • Combustion engine is self-sufficient and powerful