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We're hugely proud of our reputation as Europe's leading independent manufacturer and distributor of high quality evacuation, signalling and building infrastructure system products for installers, distributors and OEM manufacturers. Our broad range of fire alarm and evacuation products represent the most resilient, dependable and aesthetically-pleasing solutions available.

Product categories.

At the core of Vimpex is our design, manufacture and distribution of trusted and affordable fire alarm, signalling and evacuation products. Whether you're looking for dependable fire alarm sounders, or approved visual alarm devices, you'll find solutions in our extensive range.

Identifire Evacuation and Alarm Products

Identifire is an installer's dream and the only collection of its kind to offer fully installation options between surface and flush mounting. This allows interior designers, architects and specifiers to specify flush mounted alarm accessories, in turn reducing the aesthetic impact of alarm system equipment. The square design across the range also offers consistency with other wall-mounted products such as light switches, HVAC sensors, thermostats and is very quick to install. All Identifire products can be 'pad' printed to allow for identification of system components and functions. Any language can be accommodated and full colour logos can be incorporated, meaning that system houses can easily be supplied with customised and OEM solutions when required.

Smart+Guard Protective Covers and Anti-Vandal Devices
Smart+Guard Covers

Vimpex recognises that misuse of manual call points or pull stations (intentional or otherwise) is a significant issue for false or nuisance alarms. Our Smart+ range of products has been designed to protect essential fire and security equipment against malicious or unwanted false alarms.

Fire-Cryer Voice Sounders
Fire-Cryer Plus

Fire-Cryer® Plus products comprise the broadest range of voice sounders available. From the Mini Fire-Cryer® Plus designed for discreet mounting under fire detector heads to the powerful Maxi, all Fire-Cryers® can broadcast 7 user-selectable messages chosen from a library of hundreds. Foreign language and bespoke messages are also available.

Hydrosense Water Leak Detection

Our innovative system leads the way in water leak detection and has been designed to continuously monitor and identify leaks, sharing the approach and technology of products designed to protect both lives and building infrastructure.

Hydrosense leak detection systems are designed to protect areas where water ingress could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks. It continuously monitors for water leaks around the clock, year in year out and has the facility for 72 hour battery standby in the event of power failure.

Should a leak be detected the control panel sounds an alarm which can be extended to a remote location. When an alarm is raised, Hydro-Cryer® voice sounders can be used to broadcast an unambiguous message, avoiding confusion with other sounders on site.

Hazardous Area Equipment
Hazardous Area Equipment

Design and installation of equipment for use in hazardous areas is a specialist field requiring specialist knowledge. By using Vimpex's Hazardous Area products, designers and installers can be confident that they are using high quality products, from established suppliers, with ATEX and IECEx approvals.

Vimpex is a trusted and important partner to E2S Warning Signals - an extensive range of sounders and beacons for high output industrial units, offshore environments with hazardous areas and explosive environments.

Electromagnetic and Wireless Door Holders
Electromagnetic door holders

Vimpex is one of Europe's largest independent distributors of electromagnetic door holders and wireless battery-powered magnetic door holders. Wired door holders can be mounted onto a fixed surface and ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate.

Interfaced with the fire alarm system, the door holders are de-energised as soon as the fire is detected, thus releasing the door without the potentially harmful delay suffered by other types of devices. The wireless door holder is triggered acoustically when the fire alarm sounders are activated. No external wiring is required with battery life in excess of 12 months with 2 standard 'C' cells.

Sounders, Bells and Visual Alarm Devices

One of Vimpex’s core capabilities is the design, manufacture and distribution of evacuation alarm equipment and alarm ancillaries, from fire alarm bells to sounders, beacons and VAD's. We also have a range of sophisticated voice sounders, proven to reduce response rate times in evacuation scenarios, significantly increasing safety and minimising response times.

Signaline Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection provides early detection of fire conditions or overheating of equipment, plant or surrounding areas. Signaline cable senses heat anywhere along its length and is designed to be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Heat sensing cables can be used with, or in place of conventional heat detectors. They can also be used where conventional heat detection may be cost-prohibitive or difficult to install or maintain. Highly effective, easy to install and maintenance free.

System Ancillaries

Vimpex manufactures and distributes a wide range of alarm and building infrastructure system accessories. These include our Identifire accessories, which are compatible with all conventional fire alarm systems and can be customised, branded or OEM manufactured.

All system accessories, whether manufactured by Vimpex or supplied by our trusted partners, are available ex-stock for immediate delivery.

Detection & Call Points
Call Points

Vimpex manufactures and distributes linear heat detection products and manual call-points (MCPs) that are reliable, secure and fit for purpose. The Vimpex series of resettable manual call points mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element.

Once installed, the call point need never be opened for test or reset. With no moving parts accessible to the engineer or user, the resettable call point is proven to be highly reliable and robust. Available as both internal or waterproof units, the call point features a warning indicator which appears at the bottom of the window on activation. The unit is then simply reset with a special key and is ready for immediate use.

In addition, our tough, protective Smart+ products assist in reducing malicious or unwanted use of manual call points and pull stations, mitigating the risk of false or nuisance alarms.


Manufactured in the UK, using our many years of expertise, Vimpex deliver outstanding fire evacuation and building system alarm products for the global fire and security market.


Products manufactured and distributed by Vimpex are built to exceptional standards and represent an impressive blend of robust reliability and smart aesthetics.


The majority of our products can be customised, adapted and created for OEM solutions. We can help make our products your own.


Our expertise and close partnership with global manufacturers means we offer excellent technical support for all products whether Vimpex manufactured or supplied by a third party.

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Vimpex brands represent the pinnacle in alarm system and evacuation equipment. From the ingenious design of our Identifire range to protection against unwelcome water damage with our Hydrosense system, all products are designed to ensure the continued safety of people and building infrastructure.