Forced Entry Tools

Vimpex have selected a specialist range of tools and equipment designed to aid Method of Entry teams gain access; breach, break, lift and cut.

Forced Entry Tools

Vimpex is proud to be partnering with some of the world's leading brands including Ogura and SparKey, to offer a comprehensive range of forcible entry tools designed to help operatives to pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency services personnel and the life they are trying to save. This Paratech video is one range of products we offer.

Forced Entry Tools

Our range of specialist Method of Entry tools have been developed by some of the world's most innovative and established brands, designed and built to specifically support police, security, fire and rescue teams throughout the UK.

SparKey Method of Entry Tool

Designed in collaboration with one of the UK's leading Method of Entry Experts, the SparKey is designed to breach, break and enable access to uPVC and other commonly installed doors. Able to be used in both destructive and non-destructive modes, the SparKey is also suitable for such tasks as lifting floorboards, leveraging loft latches and removing wall panels. The SparKey's design allows the product to be carried via the supplied shoulder strap and whilst tough is lightweight and portable.

  • Designed by UK method of entry police specialist
  • Excellent for raising floorboards, removing bath panels, prying open objects
  • No mechanical parts or hydraulics required
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
Paratech Forcible Entry Tools

For more than 50 years Paratech has set the standard for high quality heavy-duty forcible entry tools. These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency services personnel and the life they are saving. From the popular full line of Hooligan Tools to the powerful Percussive Rescue Tool (PRT) and to the compact, versatile Pry-Axe...Vimpex is proud to offer these dependable and unstoppable forcible entry tools.

  • Hooligan Tool
  • Personal Entry Tools
  • Percussive Rescue Tools (PRT)
  • Powered Impact Tools (PIT)
Ogura Forcible Entry Tools

Combining Ogura’s battery powered hydraulic pump with the HRS Door Opener and Stubby Cutter makes for a great forcible entry kit.

  • Entire kit can be housed in a single carry case
  • Powerful door opening tools - up to 4 tonnes
  • Choice of opening widths - 70 or 205mm
  • Uses field-proven Makita Li=Ion batteries
  • Stubby Cutter can cut chains, padlocks, grilles and hinges


Method of Entry tools developed by the world’s leading experts offering unparalleled versatility to aid forced entry. 


Delivering the latest and best powered and hand tools available today for forced entry.


Tools for breaching, breaking, cutting and lifting cutting, lifting, supplied from the world's most trusted brands.


Our wide range of innovative, robust and reliable Method of Entry products are fully supported by our service and maintenance activities.