Hydrosense water leak detection system

Delivering the new standard in water leak detection; Hydrosense applies the integrity, control and reliability of life safety and building infrastructure systems to protect against the threat of water damage.


Hydrosense is the solution to one of the greatest threats to business continuity: water damage. These innovative systems lead the way in water leak detection. Designed to continuously monitor and to identify leaks over extensive areas, Hydrosense supports business sustainability and protects valuable assets and archives from the dangers of water damage.

Hydrosense Water Leak Detection

The most sophisticated configurable water leak detection system on the market to protect your assets from the greatest threat to buildings and managed systems; Water.

Hydrosense systems deliver a new standard in Water Leak Detection. Unlike other systems, Hydrosense is fully customisable and configurable allowing connection to Building Management Systems (BMS) and a wealth of other vital supporting systems. Hydrosense continuously monitors for water leaks, protecting a company's building and assets year in, year out.

Hydrosense HS Conventional System

Conventional system

  • Fully monitored circuits
  • Robust junction and connection boxes
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Linear detection - Hydrowire offers enhanced durability and flexibility
  • Point detection - Probes include enhanced aesthetics and a robust detection method
  • Common Fault and Alarm relay contacts available
  • Plug and Play installation - connection and termination even simpler via unique plug and socket arrangement
  • GSM Dialler option for SMS alerts
Hydrosense ID Addressable System

Addressable system

  • Single and dual loop control panels
  • Supports up to 254 point detection probes and 25,400 m of Hydrowire
  • Customisable LED display, allowing each device to be given a unique address
  • Relays to control water shut-off valves and other plant and equipment - 8-way relay board also available
  • RS845 data bus capable of supporting up to 32 expander cards
  • 230 V relay unity available
  • Sophisticated protocol allows for complex system design
  • Reduced installation times and cable use
Hydrosense Control Relay

Provides integration between Hydrosense Control Panels and Water/ Flow Control equipment. Rated at 230 V ac and activated via 24 V dc input.

  • Ideal for new or retrofit projects
  • Can switch voltages up to 250 V ac at 8 A
  • Versatile backbox featuring 10 fixing points to allow easy mounting (surface mount variants only)
  • Incorporates 4 x round 20mm knockouts and 1 x rectangular for surface conduit (surface mount variants only)
  • Flush or surface mounted
Hydrosense Conventional Remote Indicator

A product designed for the Hydrosense conventional water leak detection system. Can be easily retrofitted to existing systems or incorporated as part of a new installation. 

  • Ideal for new or retrofit projects
  • Versatile backbox featuring 10 fixing points to allow easy mounting. (Surface mount variants only)
  • Incorporates 4 x round 20mm knockouts and 1 x rectangular for surface conduit. (Surface mount variants only)
  • Flush or surface mounted


Users can select between the 'conventional' Hydrosense HS and the intelligent 'addressable' Hydrosense ID, dependent on building types, size, risk and facility design.


Hydrosense is active around the clock to ensure constant, accurate monitoring for water leaks, with a 72-hour battery standby in case of power failure.


User-friendly control panels can signal to a Building Management Systems or activate mechanical control devices to ensure efficient response to water leak events.

Plug & Play

All systems are plug and play, resulting in very easy installation, rapid configuration and minimal field wiring terminations.