Identifire Evacuation & Fire Alarm Products

As the only group of evacuation and alarm products that allows for both flush and surface mounting options across the entire range, Identifire represents a new, sleek approach to essential alarm products and system accessories.

Its cool to be square.

Manufactured in the UK by Vimpex, Identifire is an installer's dream; offering consistency, familiarity and speed of installation. It has been developed to provide the Evacuation, Alarm and Building Infrastructure sector with a variety of sleek, aesthetically pleasing evacuation and alarm accessories that offer a consistent look and feel across its entire range.

With nine core products and over 50 product variations, this extensive series of sounders, beacons and accessories offers robust reliability and straightforward, familiar installation methods.

The Identifire Range

Our exciting new range of Identifire products have been developed to provide the Fire, Detection and Alarm sectors with a range of evacuation and alarm sounders, beacons and system accessories with a common form factor and a consistent look and feel. Explore the core range products below.

What sets the Identifire apart is that it is the only group of evacuation and alarm products available on the market that allows for both flush and surface mounting across the range. This unique flush mounting ability and square form gives this range continuity and an aesthetic edge for designers, architects and specifiers, over its competitors.

Identifire TriTone VID
Identifire TriTone VID

Our VID design is superior in performance with very bright LEDs and consistent performance across lens colours. If a VAD is not required, use of our TriTone with VID (visual alarm device) will mean that the beacon is clearly visible when required.

  • Approved by UL to EN 54 Part 3
  • Very bright VID beacon
  • Combines sounder and VID beacon in one unit
  • Flush or surface mounted
  • Manufactured in UK by Vimpex
Identifire TriTone Sounder
Identifire TriTone Sounder

A simple sounder with a great story. Able to be flush or surface mounted with no effect on performance. Available in red or white, TriTone can be customised with customers' logos or other text.

  • Approved by UL to EN 54 Part 3
  • 98 dB(A) - 96 dB(A)
  • 6 mA current consumption
  • Low profile and subtle design popular with Architects
  • Manufactured in UK by Vimpex
Identifire VID Beacon

We use high quality LEDs to provide a beacon/strobe suitable for all general signalling and ancillary fire signalling. Available in red, amber, clear, blue and green lens.

  • Very bright VID beacon
  • Ideal for many general signalling applications
  • Can be grid mounted for industrial applications
  • Five different lens colours available
Identifire Remote Lamp Unit
Identifire Remote Lamp Unit

A bright LED indicator for use on both conventional and addressable alarm systems. Can be flush or surface mounted.

  • Very bright, visual LED
  • Available with both red and blue LEDs
  • Suitable for use on both conventional and addressable alarm systems
  • Can be printed with any text in any language
Identifire System Connection Box

High quality and sturdy connection box enabling installers and specifiers to match system wiring junctions with other Identifire products.

  • Consistent Identifire design
  • Can be printed for easy identification
  • Surface or flush mounted options
  • Manufactured in UK by Vimpex
Identifire MultiTone Base Sounder

For installations that require sounders to mount beneath detector bases, the Identifire range has the solution. With 32 selectable tones, our Base Sounder can also be configured to match the three tones available in the Identifire range.

  • Approved to EN 54 Part 3
  • Low profile design for detector base use
  • Can be matched to the Identifire TriTone tones
  • 32 selectable tones for consistency on site with other products
Identifire Mains Isolator Switch

As recommended in BS 5839-1 and applied as best practice worldwide, our Mains Isolator Switch is consistent with the rest of the Identifier range. Mains isolators are often installed in dark or restricted areas, so a bright status LED is vital.

  • Rated at a true 8 Amp rating
  • Key can be removed in any state
  • '901' durable and proven engineers key switch
  • Bright LEDs for clear status signal in dark environments
Identifire Auxiliary Relays

The Identifire Auxiliary Relay range is a convenient way to control third-party components and system ancillaries. Ideal for a wide range of applications including controlling door hold open devices, access control interfacing, smoke ventilation and general switching of mains voltage and higher current equipment.

  • Flush or surface mounted options
  • Mains voltage switching capability
  • 4 x 20 mm knockouts for surface and glanded cable entry
  • Terminals to allow daisy chaining of multiple units
  • Dual pole relays and additional terminals for safe earth and neutral cabelling management
  • Bright LED indicating unit activation
  • Customisable with company branding or specialist text
  • Consistent look and feel to all other Identifire products
Identifire Wide Voltage Relay

For the ease of Engineers the relay trigger voltage operates from 10V-30V dc/10-20V ac making it suitable for Fire and Security systems alike. A switching capability of up to 230 V ac provides live and neutral isolation using the dual pole switching capability, giving safe operation of mains voltage equipment.

  • Wide Voltage range for multipurpose use
  • Dual pole relays and additional terminals allow safe management of earth and neutral cabling when switching mains voltage
  • Terminals to allow daisy-chaining of multiple units
  • Flush or surface mounted options
Identifire Wide Voltage Relay - PCB Only

This PCB only variant is designed to fit within existing enclosures on site saving on space and reducing cost. Supplied with an alcohol wipe to clean the surface before using the 4 x self adhesive PCB supports to mount the product inside the enclosure.

  • Wide Voltage Range for multipurpose use
  • Fits within another enclosure saving space and time on installation
  • Bright LED indicating unit activation
  • Terminals to allow daisy-chaining of multiple units
Identifire Single Gang PSU 12/24V - NEW IN!

The Identifire switch mode power supply is a super-compact device, configured in a standard Identifire single gang form and compatible with the Identifire range of devices and accessories. Capable of supplying either 12 or 24 Vdc it is suitable for a wide range of applications across the fire, security, and controls sectors.

  • 800 mA @ 12 V or 400 mA @ 24V dc selectable via Jumper Links
  • Bright Green LED power indication 
  • PCB Cover to protect users from mains voltage
  • Cost effective method of powering low current draw devices
  • Small compact device helping to maintain the aesthetics of the building
Identifire Mini PSU/Relay Kit

The Identifire Double Backbox has been designed and created to give designers and installers the ability to combine 2 Identifire products neatly and efficiently into one unit.

  • Small Footprint
  • Backbox available seperately or as part of a kit
  • Side knockouts to combine 2 or more double backboxes
  • Capability of creating mains powered Sounder/Sounder VID/VID


All Identifire products have the unique ability to be either flush or surface mounted, giving system installers unrivalled flexibility.


Offers a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look across the entire range, with architects able to specify consistency of looks and installation method across the majority of building alarm control interfaces.


Vimpex can offer hassle-free branding, own-labelling and OEM services across the Identifire range, meaning you can make our products your own. Choose from a menu of customisation options.


Approved by UL to the EN 54 series of standards, ensuring complete compliance with the Construction Products Directive (CPD).