Ogura Industrial Tools

We know Ogura for their life-saving rescue equipment, but every bit of their expertise from that sector is channelled into the equipment that they design and build for industrial use. Whether cutting or bending high tensile steel rebar, or punching 24mm diameter holes in 12mm steel, Ogura battery and mains-powered hydraulic industrial tools represent the last word in reliability and durability. Ogura recently celebrated its 90th anniversary, a testament to the consistency of its design and manufacturing standards, upheld throughout its nine decades in the industry.

In application

Watch our video to see one of our industrial tools in action and find out what makes them the most reliable and effective in the industry today. For a hands-on look at any of our industrial, rescue or PPE equipment, call our team today to arrange a free demonstration.

Industrial ranges.

In addition to Ogura’s fantastic range of portable rescue tools, Vimpex is proud to offer the brand’s equally highly regarded industrial tools for punching, bending and cutting. 

Ogura Bar Cutters

Through our partnership with Ogura, Vimpex is in a position to distribute an exceptional range of powerful, controlled cutting tools for metals and a variety of other materials.

Offering excellent strength and durability in a variety of applications, Ogura cutting tools ensure unyielding performance when required. Plus, as a trusted partner, we can readily provide training, spare parts and repairs.

Ogura Bar Benders

The Ogura range of Bar Benders is extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use. Both battery-powered and mains-powered tools are available. Able to bend up to 38 mm high-tensile rebar, these products are powerful, safe to use and offer robust support when required.

Also available is a range of accessory products, including hydraulic pumps, a stand and foot controller for the mechanical benders.

Ogura Hole Punches

Ogura Hydraulic Hole Punches dramatically reduce your hole-making costs over conventional drilling methods. One user stated that he had achieved a 75% time-saving over the traditional method of using twist drills.

Ogura Punches produce clean and accurate holes in as little as 1.5 seconds. A single trigger actuates the punch, while an exclusive auto-return mechanism returns the punch to its starting position.

Ogura Rod Cutters

This versatile cutter maintains thread profile in rebar and stud, allowing the rebar rod to be flush cut to a surface, with only 2-3mm showing and no burrs. Specially designed carbide-tipped cuttings discs help reduce noise, vibration and sparking.

It allows up to 20mm rebar and stud to be cut with the HSC-20BL and up to 25mm with the HSC-25BL, whilst maintaining the profile to allow nuts and couplings to be attached without re-work or thread cleaning.


We are fully Ogura-trained with a specialised workshop. All machines supplied by Vimpex are fully supported with spares, repairs and accessories.


Ogura tools use sophisticated Makita battery technology, allowing for compatibility with your existing power tools, resulting in savings across your tool fleet.


Thanks to our expert knowledge of the products we sell, we can provide safe use and basic maintenance training to our customers.


Ogura products are renowned for their reliability. We register all sales and track all repairs via our integrated ERP and tool repair passport scheme.