Health and Safety Policy

Vimpex Ltd recognise that it has a responsibility as an employer to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees whilst at work. Additionally, it is the responsibility of all persons who work for Vimpex Ltd (Directors, Managers and Employees etc) to ensure this policy extends to all other persons who may be adversely affected by our current work activities. In this way, each and every individual within Vimpex Ltd has a vital and specific role in maintaining health and safety standards.

Responsibility for the overall implementation, maintenance and development of our safety management system rests with the senior management of Vimpex Ltd, including the regular setting and reviewing of objectives, and the provision of adequate resource to allow those objectives to achieved.

It is also the responsibility of senior management within Vimpex Ltd to ensure that our Health and Safety policy is relevant to all applicable legislation and to any other requirements that Vimpex Ltd may subscribe.

Management recognise the importance of its staff safety and encourage the reporting of any hazard or risk that may adversely affect the standard of our Health and Safety. We also recognise the importance of ensuring that staff are adequately trained, informed and supervised to fulfil their activities in a safe manner.

Vimpex Ltd is committed to a management system that demonstrates a pro-active approach through the continual improvement of our Health and Safety performance. This is further achieved by the regular setting and reviewing of objectives to achieve compliance to current safety legislation and through matching industry best practice.

The effectiveness of our health and safety policy and its implementation is subject to regular management review and all related processes and procedures are subject to an on-going audit schedule.


James Jones

Managing Director