Lejon Decontamination Detergents

Multiple scientific studies have shown that smoke gases and soot from fires can contain hundreds of harmful substances, depending on what is burning and under what conditions. Through correct handling, all the way from the site of the fire to the cleaning of the equipment in order to remove hazardous substances – it is possible to reduce exposure and thus the associated health risks


Results after washing sooty contaminated breathing masks in washing machine

Lejon Decontamination Products

FPG Washing bags for Breathing Masks

Unique washing bags have been specially developed for washing breathing masks in a washing machine. The bag provides good protection against mechanical damage during washing, while the bags’ microfibre material helps to ensure effective and gentle mechanical processing of dirty mask surfaces during washing.

  • Specifically designed for Breathing Apparatus
  • Provides protection against mechanical damage whilst in washing machines
FFE Cleaner

FFE Cleaner is a cleaning agent specially developed for cleaning breathing apparatus (air cylinders, carrier slings, hoses, etc.) in PPE dishwashers and manually. The cleaner loosens and removes soot, oil and grease and other soiling from e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plastics, rubber and painted and lacquered surfaces

  • Removes Soot, Oil, Grease and other soiling
  • Can be used in PPE Dishwashers or Manually
FPG Wash

FPG Wash is an effective but gentle liquid detergent specially developed for washing breathing masks and fire protective clothing used by the fire and rescue services. Machine washing of breathing masks requires them to be washed in the designated protective bags

  • Removes Soot, Oil, Grease and other soiling
  • Suitable for washing e.g. cotton, polyester, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plastics, rubber, and painted and lacquered surfaces.
Hose Cleaning Agent

Hose Cleaning Agent is an alkaline water-based detergent optimised for soaking fire hoses prior to washing in a hose washing machine.

  • Contains special additives which bind soot particles and impregnating agent which helps prevent soot, oil and grease binding to plastics and rubbers,
  • Improves the cleaning effect on subsequent washes
SPC Impregnant

SPC Impregnant is an effective and long-acting impregnation and surface protection agent. The product provides an effective water-repellent surface which also helps prevent oil, soot and other dirt from binding to the surface.

  • Can be used on most surfaces that tolerate water
  • SPC Impregnant is based on polysiloxanes and contains no perfluorinated substances (PFAS).
SRP Defoamer

SRP Defoamer is a defoaming agent and surface protector suitable for use in PPE dishwashers used for cleaning of breathing apparatus (carrying frames, hoses, regulators, air cylinders). The agent efficiently combats foam formation at washing temperatures over 50° C.

  • SRP Defoamer does not build up any film on the surfaces, it is removed and reapplied each time the item is washed/cleaned.
  • Product ingredients are rapidly biologically degradable according to OECD criteria