Ogura Portable Hydraulic Rescue Tools

Field-proven throughout Europe, Ogura’s truly portable rescue tools are trusted by Fire & Rescue services, Police and Military for applications where robustness, access and speed of deployment are vital.

In application

Ogura was the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a full range of truly portable, lightweight, battery-powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools. For scenarios where portability, access and speed are crucial, Ogura tools present ideal solutions.

Watch our video to see one of the Ogura products in application.

Ogura Portable Hydraulic Rescue Tools

Ogura battery-powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools are tough, powerful and portable pieces of equipment used by rescue, police and firefighter teams. They are ruggedised for military and security services operations and are extremely versatile tools.

Ogura BC-300BL Combination Tool

At only 14.2kg, the BC300BL is the most portable tool of its type available, able to cut 25mm bar and expert spreading power of more than 5 tonnes.

  • Most portable battery-powered Combi-Tool
  • Uses excellent Makita batteries and motors to power 400 bar pump
  • Fully rotating handle eases operation in tricky situations
Ogura HRS Modular System

A portable, lightweight, compact and extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forcible entry tools. Spreader or cutting heads can be connected either directly to the pump or via a hydraulic hose, making the HRS System excellent for rapid response vehicles, remote locations or confined space rescue scenarios.

UK MOD uses the system for self rescue from vehicles. UK USAR use it for collapsed building work and overseas missions. Fire and rescue teams at hundreds of airports Europe-wide also carry the system for aircraft crash scenarios.

  • Dedicated tools connect either directly to pump or via hose
  • Unique flexibility via our modular system
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Immediate deployment
  • Single trigger grip allows easy operation
  • Revolutionary hydraulic pump gives incredible power
Ogura MCT250 Manual Combi Tool

Immediately deployed, hand operated combi-tool for confined space, remote rescue and hazardous area operations.

  • Double handle for easy operation
  • Unique replaceable blade chips
  • Completely self-contained
  • Shares many features with BC-300
  • Lightweight and very portable
Ogura HCC19BL Electro Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

The best quality D20 rebar cutter in the industry - cuts in approximately 4.5 seconds

  • Designed for cutting D20 rebar quickly and efficiently
  • New brushless motor is faster and more powerful
  • Equipped with easy to read battery indicator
  • Using the latest BL motor for more power and longer life
  • Time to cut D20 rebar approx. 4.5 seconds


Patented 400 bar pump used in all Ogura tools provides them with incredible power to weight performance.


Extremely powerful and dependable tools that can be relied on during pressing situations.


Powered by the excellent Makita Li-ion 18 V battery pack, the only manufacturer licensed to use these impressive batteries.


As European distributor, stockist and service agent for Ogura, Vimpex can readily provide spare parts and repairs where required.