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Vimpex are the UK's leading independent supplier of specialist technical rescue products and PPE safety equipment designed for fire, police, ambulance, military and emergency services teams.

For 26 years we've been building our reputation for service excellence, for dependable technologies and for providing quality products fast, on time and at competitive prices.

Watch our video to see one of our rescue tools in action and find out what makes them the most reliable and effective in the industry today.

Rescue Equipment and PPE Categories.

Our range of specialist rescue products features head to toe PPE wear, technical rescue equipment and other rescue related products.

Agility FL-360 Search & Rescue Camera
FL-360 Search and Rescue Camera

The FirstLook 360 is the world's first wireless streaming search and rescue camera. Exclusively available from Vimpex, we're proud to supply this highly effective and innovative product to our emergency services customers. The FL-360 captures a clear global picture and delivers it remotely to an android phone or tablet for use in inaccessible spaces, dangerous environments and even underwater.

Leveraging high definition wide angle imaging technologies has completely removed the necessity for delicate mechanical articulation mechanisms to move the camera head. A rescuer can simply probe the camera in any space, hang by a carabiner or locate at a high point and view the 360 live image by swiping a finger across the screen or by using FL-360's virtual joystick feature to zero in a particular area of interest. This combined with the connectivity of both wired and wireless modes of operation make the FL-360 a real game changer.

Athena Rescue and Firefighting Gloves
Athena Fire Fighting Gloves

Athena FX-1 and EX-1 gloves have been developed specifically for tough firefighting and structural rescue applications. These gloves have many unique features designed to protect the wearer from harsh envirornments, time and time again.

The Athena EX-1 is a quality, lightweight and dexterous glove, with level 5 safe cut protection. The Athena EX-1 is made using tough anti-static Nomex, Aramid and Para-Atamid fabrics, meaning these materials make it long lasting under even the pressure of urban search and rescue or vehicle extrication.

Representing the latest and most modern development in firefighting gloves in recent years, the FX-1 MAX Glove uses PBI MAX - the strongest and most flexible outer shell fabric in the world. A unique solution to firefighter hand protection, the FX1 MAX Gloves feature pre-curved fingers and hand shape offering unmatched dexterity and fit whilst delivering extremely high levels of protection against radiant and contact heat, mechanical protection and cut / abrasion resistance.

BIG Fire & Ventilation Smoke Curtain and Fans
BIG Fire Fans

BIG Fire & Ventilation was founded in Germany in 1991 with a view to launching innovative firefighting products across Europe. Vimpex are delighted to be offering their range of High Performance fans and Smoke Curtains to the UK. The range of high performance fans ensure immediate improvements in visibility and lower temperatures inside the burning object, meaning firefighting and rescue operations can be carried out quickly and more safely.

The portable smoke blocker curtain is made from heat resistant fabric and can easily and rapidly installed into a doorway or entrance opening. The door to the affected area can now be opened, meaning the firefighters can enter the room behind for their operations without the spread of smoke or heat in the building.

Emergency Response Lighting - Scangrip

Vimpex offer a range of battery-powered scene lighting products for Emergency Services and Military, available with a wide range of accessories.

FAL Firefighters & Emergency Services Footwear

FAL Seguridad is a professional safety footwear manufacturer based in Spain who are renowned across the globe for quality of workmanship on their high performance footwear, as well as their commitment to innovation and technology, all of which combines to offer pioneering and exceptional safety footwear products.

Forcible Entry Tools

Many of the Vimpex product ranges are suitable for police and public security applications, as well as use by fire and rescue teams, H.A.R.T personnel. Our forcible entry products from trusted brands which include Paratech, SparKey and Ogura are each designed to be durable, efficient and totally reliable in instances where barriers need to be overcome quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Makita Power Tools

Vimpex work closely with Makita UK to provide sales and support for Makita power tools, which are used by both Fire Services and Police Forces across the UK. From Reciprocating Saws, to breakers and Hammers and Disc Cutters, Makita power tools are ultra-reliable and easy to use.

We've even developed an integrated Makita tools tray for battery powered equipment, which are now used by several UK Firefighting Services. The tray is designed to be installed on the appliance and incorporates in-vehicle charging and all accessories and blades required.

Ogura Portable Rescue Tools

The range of battery-powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools from Ogura are field-proven to be tough, powerful and portable pieces of equipment ruggedised for military, firefighting and security services operations and are extremely versatile tools.

Pacific Helmets

Flexible manufacturing processes and an innovative design team allows Pacific Helmets to offer customers the ability to customise helmets to suit their exact requirements.

Paratech Damage Control System (DCS)

Paratech's DCS brings maritime damage control shoring into the 21st century. Speed, strength, flexibility and capability are the hallmarks of Paratech's DCS. Everything about the system has been engineered to simplify the difficult task Damage Control Teams have to face in the harsh reality and often dangerous working environments they perform in.

Paratech Lift. Shift. Contain. Stabilise. Penetrate

Paratech has been combining innovative design with cutting edge technology for than 50 years, providing the highest quality and most user-friendly technical rescue tools available on the market today. They are extensively used by Fire Departments, rescue teams and Military organisations across the globe. Vimpex are delighted to stock a wide range of their product lines including Rescue Support System Airlifting bags, Forcible Entry Tools, Leak Sealing Systems, Vehicle Stabilisation, Marine Damage Control Systems and Powered Impact Tools to name a few.

Rope Ratchet Tie Downs

The patented non-slip pull through ratchet and rugged construction lets you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily.

Adaro Adalit Safety Torches

Designed for emergency services teams and other demanding professionals where safety is critical, every Adaro torch features advanced optics, high quality engineering and has ATEX approval

Fire Blankets

Fire protection and fire fighting rethought – because modern technologies also require modern methods. Safety – for you, for us and for the environment. Fire blankets made of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric even succeed in fighting battery fires. We will be pleased to convince you of this.

PAB Helmets

PABs goal is to develop and produce ambulance helmets of highest quality that ensure ultimate protection for the wearer.

Lejon Decontamination Detergents

Professional cleaning decontaminate detergents for cleaning PPE and Breathing apparatus

Brands in this sector.

All Vimpex rescue products are field-tested prior to launch to ensure absolute reliability and suitability for use by rescue and public security professionals.



PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by the world’s leading brands that offers unparalleled protection for emergency services teams who put themselves in harm’s way. 


Delivering the latest and most innovative technical rescue products available today.


Tools for cutting, lifting, stabilising and extricating, supplied from the world's most trusted brands - vetted and approved by Vimpex to be safe and effective in use.


A wide range of sturdy and effective rescue accessories and innovative tools to support rescue efforts. Our robust and reliable products are fully supported by our service and maintenance activities.

Rescue Academy.

The Vimpex Training Academy delivers world-class learning and accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for your team. We conduct on-site training using your own equipment that is approved by The Institution of Fire Engineers and The United Kingdom Rescue Organisation, delivered by some of the world’s leading rescue experts at a competitive price point.

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