Athena Rescue & Firefighting Gloves

Athena gloves have been developed specifically for tough structural firefighting and rescue applications using advanced materials and the latest technologies to offer total peace of mind in pressurised enviornments.


Specifically designed for tough, structural rescue and fighting applications


Many unique features designed to protect the wearer from the harshest of environments


Latest technology and advanced materials mean peace of mind even under the pressures of urban search and rescue.


A quality range of firefighting and rescue gloves, fully supported by our service and maintenance activities.

Firefighting & Rescue Gloves

Designing the perfect safety glove for emergency services and urban search and rescue teams requires years of experience, research and development. We're proud to partner with Athena Gloves to offer you their market-leading gloves.

EX-1 Rescue Glove

The Rescue glove selected for the UK’s largest ever PPE supply and maintenance contract. Simple design with superior materials and close fi t make this glove an excellent choice for those requiring great dexterity with high levels of cut protection.

  • Approved to EN 388, Cut Level 5
  • FR leather grip for enhanced wearer comfort
  • Close fit maximises dexterity and user safety
FX-1 Structural Firefighting Glove

Representing the latest and most modern development in firefighting gloves in recent years, the FX1 MAX Glove uses PBI MAX - the strongest and most flexible outer shell fabric in the world. A unique solution to firefighter hand protection, FX1 MAX Gloves feature pre-curved fingers and hand shape offering unmatched dexterity and fit whilst delivering extremely high levels of protection against radiant and contact heat, mechanical protection and cut / abrasion resistance.

The FX1 MAX Gloves, thanks to their construction from PBI MAX which has three times the filament rip stopping power of other fabrics, offers the firefighter an ideal replacement to leather gloves. FX1 MAX Gloves avoid the stretching associated with leather as well as the danger of rapid shrinkage in high heat.

  • High levels of comfort and safety
  • Manufactured using PBI Max fabric
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees and 60 degrees C