Rope Ratchet Tie Down

Rope Ratchet Tie Downs

The safe way to secure light and medium-weight loads


The patented non-slip pull through ratchet and rugged construction lets you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily.

Simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope to get the secure tightness you need. Unlike traditional knots, elastic bungees and bulky webbing you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening

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Rope Ratchet Tie Down

With ROPE RATCHET® your load stays secure because the rope stays locked in place with every pull, until you release it by pushing the convenient thumb lever.

Rope Ratchet Range
Rope Ratchet Tie Down

ROPE RATCHET® has been found to be extremely useful for extrication teams during vehicle rescues. It is ideal for holding back car doors, roof flaps or to secure salvage sheets in place. Five sizes of ROPE RATCHET® are available, with up to 350 kg load limit.

  • Secure, safe and fast
  • No Stretching, snapping back or loosening
  • Patented non-slip quick release ratchet
  • Supplied with super tough solid braided rope
  • Long lasting with die cast zinc ratchet mechanism and zinc plated hooks