Fire Alarm Bells, Sounders and Visual Alarm Devices

Vimpex's core capability is in the design. manufacture and distribution of fire detection and evacuation alarm equipment and ancillaries.


Products manufactured for, and distributed by Vimpex, are designed and built to exceptional standards and represent an impressive blend of robust reliability and smart aesthetics.


Our expertise and close partnership with global manufacturers means we offer excellent technical support for all products whether Vimpex manufactured or supplied by a third party.


Our insistence on applying high-quality yet proven technology ensures premium performance across the ranges.


Many of our products can be customised, adapted and created for OEM solutions. We can help make our products your own.

Sounders, Bells and Visual Alarm devices

As the exclusive distributor for Hosiden Besson's series of Banshee Excel alarm products, we offer ex-stock supply, worldwide of these high quality and trusted products.

Banshee Excel

The most established and trusted of all multi-Tone Fire Sounders, the Banshee Excel continues to be seen as the benchmark for quality and performance. Available as sounder only, sounder with VID or sounder with VAD, the Banshee Excel is the go-to choice for fire system designers wishing to specify products with the highest levels of performance, reliability and with premium third party approvals.

  • Third Party approved by LPCB to EN 54 Part 3
  • Highest quality and premium performance
  • Available with mounting accessories for external applications
  • Three colours available - red, white and grey
  • Excellent acoustics and consistent sound output
Banshee Excel FlashDome

The Banshee Excel FlashDome features ultra-efficient LEDs for bright light output and consistent performance.

  • Ultra-efficient LEDs
  • Very low current consumption
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Compatible with other Excel sounders and sounder/beacons and accessories

The ClamBell® is the only fire alarm bell designed and manufactured in the UK. It's quick to install, approved worldwide and reassuringly reliable. It is aptly named ClamBell® because of the unique design that sets it apart from other fire alarm bells on the market. The innovative hinged design swings shut after installation together with a permanently fitted gong, this means no disassembly is required during installation.

  • Reduced installation time thanks to an innovative new hinged design
  • EN54-3 approved and pending UL certification to UL464 for global use
  • Mounting options for all worldwide installation practices
  • Permanently fitted gong with excellent sonorous tone
  • Fully customisable with pad printed customer branding
  • Weatherproof version IP56 Cat 2 rated
Loop Sounder System Base Sounder

LPCB approved to EN 54-3, EN 54-17 and EN 54-18, our Loop Sounder System greatly increases the reliability of the sounder circuits and in many cases results in a saving in the amount of cable used in field wiring. Each loop can accommodate up to 45 sounders. Suitable for use on both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, the system provides much greater protection against faults than the 'dual radial' circuit arrangements commonly used.

  • Enhanced sounder circuit integrity and reliability
  • Compliant with EN 54 and BS 5839-1
  • Certified by LPCB to EN 54 Part 17 & 18
  • 45 sounders per loop
Ani-Mate Animal Friendly Sounders

Ani-Mate is an animal friendly sounder that uses a specifically developed low frequency tone (sub 400 Hz), which is designed to minimise discomfort to animals but still able to be heard by humans. The Ani-Mate is designed to be used as a 'silent' fire alarm.

  • Sub 400 Hz frequency designed to minimise distress to animals
  • 24 V dc operation means easy interfaces to existing systems
  • Weatherproof version available
  • Wide volume control - 89 to 103 dB(A)

Identifire is an installers dream; offering consistency, familiarity and therefore speed of installation. All Identifire products, apart from the MultiTone Base Sounder, have the ability to be either surface or flush mounted. The ability to flush mount is particularly beneficial to system installers as the Identifire products can be installed using low-cost standard electrical back boxes.

As the only collection of its kind to offer fully flexible installation options between flush and surface mounting methods, Identifire allows interior designers, architects and specifiers to specify fully flush mounted alarm accessories, thereby reducing the aesthetic impact of alarm system equipment. The square design across the range also offers consistency with other wall-mounted products such as light switches, HVAC sensors and thermostats.

All Identifire products can be 'pad' printed to allow for identification os system components and functions. Any language can be accommodated and full colour logos can be incorporated, meaning that system houses can easily be supplied with customised and OEM solutions when required.

Ceiling Mounted Beacon

A high-intensity ceiling-mounted Visual Alarm Device; the unit is ideal for providing a primary warning signal in areas where sounders alone will not be sufficient. The VAD23 - Ceiling Mounted Beacon is third party approved to EN 54-23 and certified to the rating of C-3-7.5.

  • Bright EN 54 Part 23 VAD
  • Detector-style bayonet fitting for speed of installation
Alarm Indicator Buzzer Unit

The Vimpex BZ1L is an indicator with sounder unit. It is designed to be connected to a conventional sounder circuit or strobe circuit from a control panel.

  • 'European' styling
  • Large, visible LED for fire alarm applications
  • Push through cable gland for rapid install
Banshee Excel Lite
Banshee Excel Lite

The Banshee Excel Lite™ combines the aesthetics and performance of the Excel Sounder with either a very bright and efficient Xenon Beacon (CHX model) or a low-current LED Beacon (CHL model).

  • Available with either Xenon or LED Beacon with a red or white body
  • Choice of lens colours
  • Sounder has 32 user-selectable tones which is the industry standard compatible
  • Very low current consumption
  • EN 54-3 tested and LPCB approved
  • Choice of three volume levels
  • Easy to install with side and rear cable entry
  • Recyclable
  • Extensive family of accessories for a wide range of applications
  • Rated to IP66 and IP45

 StroBell® is a combined fire alarm bell and visual indicating device which is ideal for installations that require both a traditional bell tone as well as a visual alarm. 

  • Ultra bright LED
  • Different options for brightness and flash frequency
  • Same easy installation as ClamBell®
  • Slick and modern looking
  • Fully customised pad printed branding*
  • StroBell® strobe and bell can operate independently or combined