Fire Detection and alarm System Ancillaries

Vimpex manufacture a wide range of Fire Detection, Alarm and Building Infrastructure System Ancillaries including door holders, batteries and PSUs to name a few. All System Ancillaries, whether Vimpex-manufactured or supplied by our trusted partners, are available ex-stock for immediate delivery.

System Ancillaries

All our System Accessories, whether manufactured by Vimpex (like our Identifire range) or supplied by our trusted partners, are available ex-stock for immediate delivery. As part of our System Ancillaries offering, our Identifire Accessories are compatible with all conventional fire alarm systems and can be customised, branded or OEM manufactured to suit any system. They use the same mounting method as the rest of the Identifire range meaning consistency and commonality throughout.

System Ancillaries

Vimpex is proud to both manufacture our own System Ancillary products, as well as partner with trusted brands to bring you an extensive range of fire detection, alarm and building infrastructure System Accessories.

Wired Door Holders

Vimpex is one of the largest distributors of electromagnetic door holders in the UK. Mounted onto a fixed surface, these door holders ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate. Interfaced with with the fire alarm system, the door holders are de-energised as soon as the fire is detected, thus releasing the door without the potentially harmful delay suffered by other types of devices.

  • Metal and ABS versions available
  • Range of accessories and mounting methods
  • Always available ex-stock for immediate delivery
  • Approved to EN 1155
Wireless Acoustic Door Holder

This wireless battery-powered magnetic Door Holder is triggered acoustically when fire alarm sounders are activated. No external wiring is required with battery life in excess of 12 months with 2 standard 'C' cells.

  • Uses fire alarm signal to release door
  • Quick, wore-free installation for retrofit applications
  • Professional wire-free installation with no risk of damage to existing decor
VPSU Series - General Purpose Power Supplies

The Vimpex range of low cost general purpose boxed PSUs are suitable for use with our wide range of BS EN 1155 approved Door Holders and other 24 V dc devices. Three boxed 24 V dc general purpose power supplies are available: 1 A, 2 A and 3 A.

  • Available as 1, 2 or 3 Amp versions
  • Competitively priced, quality units
  • Ideal for door holder and other system ancillary products
EN 54-4 Approved Power Supplies

The Identifier series of EN 54-4 approved switched-mode power supplies has intelligent on-demand load sharing capability to provide exceptional flexibility. This allows rapid large capacity battery charging with either extended standby hold-up duration at light loads, or short high current peak loads where spare output capacity is diverted to battery charging.

  • Approved to EN 54 Part 4
  • High quality enclosures
  • Reliable power
  • Advanced features aid engineers and system designers
  • Use of engineer's tool a significant advantage in service
Engineer's Tool

This handy tool allows the installer to monitor the performance of the power supply, system currents and voltages, the condition of batteries and log PSU events and faults. It can also be used to calibrate and test power supplies.

  • Aids service reporting
  • Monitors battery and charging performance
  • Enhances benefits of Identifire Power Supplies
Enersys Batteries

The Genesis NP battery range leads the way in battery quality and reliability. Developed by world leading manufacturer Enersys, the Genesis NP series is the culmination of 100 years of battery manufacturing experience.

  • Available range from 1.2 Ah to 38 Ah
  • Expected life span of 3 to 5 years in float service applications
  • More than 1,000 discharge/recharge cycles depending on the average depth of discharge
  • Recovery capabilities even after deep discharges
  • Can be operated in a broad range of ambient temperatures
GSM Dialler

The ANC0023 is a quad-band GSM relay board and auto-dialler. It offers Open-on-Call access control with Text Alert and Auto-Dial for GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz. The unit has been primarily designed for security applications although can be used as a general purpose call/SMS activated relay.

  • Ideal for use with Hydrosense Water Leak Detection systems
  • Power Supply 12-24 V ac or dc 400 mA Max. (35-20 mA idle)
  • Relay Output 5A Max. CATII 220 V ac
  • The connections are ‘voltage free’ with no connection to +VE or GND. The relay connections have a minimum creepage distance to GND greater than 5mm and are CATII rated to 220 V
Identifire Remote Lamp Unit

A bright LED indicator for use on both conventional and addressable alarm systems. Can be flush or surface mounted.

  • Very bright, visual LED
  • Available in red and blue
  • Suitable for use on both conventional and addressable alarm systems
  • Can be printed with any text in any language
Identifire Remote Lamp Buzzer Unit

With the same features as our Remote Lamp Unit with the addition of an internal buzzer.

  • Subtle local alarm
  • Audible/Visual indication of alarm
  • Ideal for nurse stations, theatres and building control offices
  • Can be printed with any text in any language
Identifire Mains Isolator Switch

As recommended in BS 5389-1 and applied as best practice world-wide, our Mains Isolator Switch is consistent with the rest of the Identifire range. Mains isolators are often installed in dark or restricted areas, so a bright status LED is vital.

  • Rated at a true 8 Amp switch rating
  • Key can be removed in any state
  • '901' durable and proven engineers key switch
  • Bright LEDs for clear status signal in dark environments
Identifire Auxiliary Relay

Used to provide an output to third-party components or system ancillaries such as a door holder power supply to ensure activation / deactivation during alarm situation.

  • Choice of 4 or 8 Amp rating
  • Dual pole - live and negative both isolated
  • Consistent with the entire Identifire range
  • Can be flush or surface mounted
Alarm Indicator Buzzer Unit

The Vimpex BZ1L is an indicator with sounder unit. It is designed to be connected to a conventional sounder circuit or strobe circuit from a control panel.

  • European styling
  • Large, visible LED for fire alarm applications
  • Push through cable gland for speedy install


Whatever your system requirements, we probably have a selection of options across our Ancillaries ranges to help you.


Our Identifire accessories are compatible with all conventional fire alarm systems and use the same mounting method as the rest of the range to provide complete commonality.


Each item across the range is built with durability as a priority, giving you total peace of mind that the product will simply work the way its intended, when needed.


Vimpex can offer hassle-free branding, own-labelling and OEM services across the Ancillaries range, meaning you can make our products your own. Choose from a menu of customisation options.