Fire-Cryer Voice Enhanced Sounders

Employing sophisticated voice technology to deliver clear, unambiguous, multilingual messages, the impressive Fire-Cryer voice sounder range is proven to reduce delay and response rate in evacuation times, greatly increasing safety during critical situations.

In application

Fire-Cryer Voice Enhanced Sounders utilise our voice technology to ensure fast, efficient evacuation or reaction in cases of fire, evacuation or other life-threatening situations such as lockdown scenarios.

This video demonstrates how Fire-Cryer products meet every requirement for efficient evacuation, from residential residences of mass occupation and light commercial buildings to heavy industrial applications. With the capacity to deliver multiple distinct broadcasts, including bespoke messaging and available in almost any language.

Fire-Cryer Voice Sounders

Our Fire-Cryer voice sounders use voice technology proven to reduce delay and response rate in evacuation times, therefore significantly increasing safety. Fire-Cryer can be used as a single message 24 V conventional voice sounder on any sounder/notification alarm circuit, or as part of a sophisticated multi-message, multilingual evacuation system. Fire-Cryer sounders and system components can be configured to your system requirements and integrated with Notification Alarm Circuits or Addressable Fire Systems via intelligent interfaces.

Fire-Cryer Plus

Can be used on standard sounder circuits or NACs

  • Approved to EN 54 Part 3
  • Optional integral VID strobe
  • Sound output - 100 dB(A)
  • Multilingual messages available
  • Fully synchronised
  • 7 messages, switchable via user or I/O interface
Mini Fire-Cryer Plus

Ultra-slim base sounders to fit industry-standard detectors

  • Sound output - 90 dB(A)
  • Omni-directional sound output
  • Fully synchronised
Fire-Cryer Plus Solo

A simple Fire-Cryer with one fixed message for sites requiring basic voice enhanced evacuation

  • Simple single message sounder
  • Can be multilingual
  • Same performance as Fire-Cryer Plus
  • Optional integrated VID strobe
Maxi Fire-Cryer

High-powered voice sounders designed for environments such as industrial applications and large open spaces like warehouses and factories.

  • Sound output - 107 dB(A)
  • Rugged and waterproof enclosure (IP67)
  • Low current - average 100 mA
  • Ideally suited for open areas and noisy environments
Fire-Cryer Extinguishant PCB

Designed to allow use of a Fire-Cryer on gas suppression systems, allowing all states of alarm to be broadcast through a single Fire-cryer Voice Sounder.

  • Seamless integration with gas extinguishant panels
  • Reduced wiring costs
  • A single Fire-Cryer will broadcast all stages of extinguishant alert
  • Significant increase in worker safety
Fire-Cryer Voice Message Controller

THE VMC interface allows conventional sounder circuits/NACs to be used to broadcast 7 different messages via multi-message Fire-Cryers.

  • Allows upgrade of sounder circuits/NACs to multi-message voice capability
  • All sounders and strobes fully synchronised
  • Provides for 'phased' and 'staged' evacuation
  • Any state of alarm can be broadcast
Midi Fire-Cryer

A high-powered voice sounder designed for environments requiring a high output, such as industrial applications, large open spaces like warehouses, factories, and areas of public gathering or transit.

  • High Output up to 110 dB(A) @ 1 Metre (Tone dependant)
  • Corrosion proof IP 66 rated enclosure
  • Unit can be mounted using external lugs or internal BESA compatible fixing
  • Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations) with single glanded entry
Identi-Cryer Lockdown Sounder

Identi-Cryer ® voice sounder provides the audio and visual warning elements of the Identi-Cryer ® system. Its capability to broadcast clear, unambiguous voice messages make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications:

  • Lockdown and ‘Invacuation’
  • Security and Perimeter Alarms
  • Chemical Alarms
  • Smoke Curtains Warning
  • General/Building Information
  • High Sound Output - 100 dB(A)
  • Optional integral blue strobe
  • Can be used as a stand alone or as part of a full Identi-Cryer lockdown system
  • Fully synchronised over multi-zones


Multiple message broadcasting available for variable situations, including evacuation, lock-down messages, general safety and security alerts.


Fire-Cryer can be programmed to broadcast multilingual messages and configured with messages of your choice.


Our insistence on applying high-quality rocking armature capsule technology ensures high sound levels, excellent intelligibility and clear, unambiguous messages.


Fire-Cryer can be retrofitted into an existing sounder circuit/NAC or introduced as part of a new project engineered solution.