Makita Power Tools

Makita Battery-Powered Rescue Tools

Vimpex is a proud partner of Makita products, from distributing and maintaining a wide range of Makita battery-powered rescue tools, to utilising their revolutionary Li-ion 18 V batteries to power Ogura hydraulic tools.

Makita Power Tool In Action

Makita power tools are trusted throughout the Emergency Services sector, proving versatile during rescue situations. Vimpex is a respected supplier of these dependable products, as well as a user of their high-quality Makita 18 V Li-ion battery pack across our range of tools, which outperforms other packages time and again.

Makita Rescue Tools

Vimpex work very closely with Makita UK to provide sales and support for Makita power tools used by Fire Services and Police Forces. Vimpex are an official service and warranty repair agent for all petrol and electric Makita products. Tools can be either battery or mains-powered. The most popular tools utilise Makita’s revolutionary Li-Ion 18V battery, whilst most mains powered tools would be 110V. A variety of chargers can be supplied but in-vehicle charging systems make battery management very simple.

Vimpex Impact Wrench Kit

Incorporating a Makita Impact Wrench and a specially sourced socket set kit, Vimpex impact wrench kits are housed in a compact but sturdy carry case with the contents held within routed foam inserts.

  • Perfect for door, bonnet and seat removal during vehicle extrication
  • All items held safely in routered foam inserts
  • Includes Makita impact wrench and special socket set
Makita DJR360 Saw

Makita DJR360 Cordless, brushless reciprocating saw ideal for single-handed use.

  • Max cut in Wood: 255mm
  • Max cut in Pipe: 130mm
  • Length of stroke: 32mm
  • Weight 4kg
  • Vertical crank mechanism enhances cutting performance
  • Toolless blade change
  • Soft grip reduces vibrations
  • Variable speed control
Makita DGA900 Angle Grinder

Makita Angle Grinder description here

  • Specified by Fire Brigades and Police Forces for forced-entry use
  • Cuts padlocks and chains
  • Use with Nemesis Blade for ultimate cutting performance
  • Weight 1.9kg
Makita DJS161 Metal Shear

Makita Metal Shears are used by mechanics, sheet metal workers and engineers to cut straight edges or long gradual curves in metal.

  • Battery Quantity (3.0 Ah): 0
  • Easy to grip motor housing
  • Cutting capacity: Max cut - mild steel: 1.6mm
  • Anti-restart function with warning lamp for safety
  • Net weight: 1.8 - 2.2 kg
Makita 4-Stroke Petrol Disc Cutter EK7650

Why choose a Makita 4-Stroke disc cutter? Lower running costs. Lower fuel consumption. Longer run time. Less refuelling. Less maintenance. No cold start problems. Lower emissions. No mixing fuel and oil.

  • Maximum cutting depth 97mm
  • Maximum wheel diameter 305mm/12"
  • Arbor 20mm
  • Cubic capacity 76cc
  • Horsepower 4hp
  • Tank capacity 1.0 litres
  • Dry weight 12.7 kg
Makita 2-Stroke Petrol Disc Cutter EK6100

3 year service plan when you register online - for the EK6100 2-Stroke Disc Cutter Only. You will receive the replacement and fitting of the following service component parts: 1x Cylinder/piston, 1x Spark plug, 1x Fuel filter, 1x V-belt, 1x Starter rope. This will be for each 12-month period for a registered product. The cover will start from the day you register online with 30 days of purchase.

  • Maximum cutting depth 110mm
  • Maximum wheel diameter 305mm
  • Arbor 20mm
  • Cubic capacity 61cc
  • Tank capacity 0.7 litres
  • Horsepower 4.2hp
  • Dry weight 8.5kg
Makita DHP485 Brushless Drill

The Makita brushless motor is designed to make the tool more compact whilst delivering more power and run time than the standard brushed motor. The new motor is more efficient and will extend the life of your tools and the batteries you use with them. Being brushless, the motor no longer has the standard brushes that need to be replaced when they wear down. This means less maintenance for you during the life of the tool.

  • Capacity in steel 13mm
  • Capacity in wood 38mm
  • Capacity in masonry 13mm
  • Torque settings 21 + Drill
  • Maximum torque S/H 27Nm/50Nm
  • Net weight 1.5-1.8kg


Incredibly powerful and portable tools, allowing them to be a crucial support during rescue scenarios and vehicle extrications.


As an official Makita service agent, our customers can be confident we are able to support all products for their lifetime.


Market-winning Li-ion battery packs are lightweight, offer unbeatable charge times, and exceptional lifespans.


Vimpex-developed integrated tool tray is specially built for Makita battery-powered tools, and employed by numerous UK Fire & Rescue Services.