Brexit: Vimpex's Plans for Post Transition Trade in the EU

We are doing everything we can to ensure business with Vimpex is affected as little as possible because of Brexit and the end of the Transition Period.

We are pleased to advise that we are making arrangements to ensure that you can continue to purchase our products with little or no change to our service levels. Depending on where you are based in the EU, we have three different options:

EU Mainland Customers-Vimpex Europe BV

Our established Company, Vimpex BV will be ready to trade with you. We have a warehouse facility ready to distribute products throughout the EU which will to allow you to continue purchasing products without the need to import. Dutch customers will be charged VAT on domestic sales whilst all other EU customers will report via Intrastat as normal. Due to the need for products to transit through the Netherlands, delivery times to the EU will slightly increase.

Swedish Customers - Vimpex Interguard AB

We have a long-established business in Sweden. This entity will allow us to ship directly to you in Sweden with no need to worry about customs clearance etc. You should continue purchasing as you always have - from Vimpex Interguard. You will continue to be charged VAT at the local rate.

Republic of Ireland Customers - Vimpex Eire Limited

We shall be establishing a business in Ireland - a Limited Company, that when established will allow all Eire customers to purchase from that business without the need to import. Irish customers will be charged VAT at the local rate.

Note: Our Irish business is yet to be established so any Irish customers needing to order for now but wishing to avoid customs issues and the need to import after December 31st should do so via Vimpex Europe BV.

All customers that wish to transfer their business to any of the companies above should contact [email protected] as soon as possible to request an account application form.

Couriers and Pallet Transportation

We prefer to use our chosen couriers in the EU. You can be assured that we shall be negotiating the best pricing to ensure delivery costs do not increase. We would also prefer to use our chosen pallet shipping company, but we are happy for you to arrange for collection if necessary.

It's your Choice

If you prefer, you can of course continue to purchase directly from Vimpex Limited in the UK. If this is the case, it will be your responsibility to arrange collection from our UK factory and to deal with import and customs.

Authorised Representative

Vimpex shall be using officers of Vimpex Europe BV as our Authorised Representative which avoids our EU customers having to take on the risk.

Vimpex Europe BV shall therefore ensure compliance with the following EU regulations:

We may be leaving the EU, but we are still European!

Our wish for Christmas is that our European friends, business colleagues and teammates remember that Vimpex, through our love of the continent and our subsidiary companies continues to identify as European as well as British.

Our political leaders may believe they can control or change many things, but something that they cannot affect is geography.

We really appreciate your loyalty through this period of change, and we thank you for your ongoing business.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous and hopefully a much better New Year.

On behalf of the Vimpex Team.

James Jones

Managing Director