Vimpex vision becoming a reality

Vimpex’s Identifire TriTone sounder has recently been certified by UL Laboratories, an important move that marks a strategically important development for Vimpex and is the first stage of a strategy that will use UL for all future strategically important products since the UL brand is recognised worldwide as a mark of quality, safety and reliability.

Managing Director James Jones, says that “Following the opening of the company’s new UK manufacturing production facility, this first certification by UL Laboratories is yet another step in the company’s ambitious plans that will allow the Vimpex to innovate and increase its product ranges, markets and territories, and to significantly increase export activity in targeted markets.”

Established in 1994, Vimpex is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of Fire Detection, Alarm and Evacuation products and accessories. The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of high quality Evacuation, Signalling and Building Infrastructure System products - both Vimpex manufactured and supplied by the company’s manufacturing partners.