Back to normal with Vimpex

The government announcement last week has probably come as a relief to most, the thought of going back to normal, albeit slowly, is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now is the crucial time to start preparing for a return back to normal with essential fire and safety equipment to protect buildings and its occupants. Vimpex manufactures and supplies the essential equipment needed for businesses/schools/entertainment venues and many more premises to return safely.

  • Wired and Wireless Door Holders: Door holders can safely allow doors to be kept open to encourage ventilation around a building and avoid the need to constantly touch door handles to enter and leave a room. Door holders react to the sound of a fire alarm by closing to stop the spread of smoke, by far the greatest cause of death in fire situations, thus allowing building occupants to evacuate safely
  • Power Supplies: Our range of power supplies compliments our door holders and other 24 V dc devices and are EN approved
  • Sycall Re-settable Call Points: Call points should be mounted on all escape routes and exit points so that they can be activated as occupants are leaving the premises in the event of a fire or emergency. Sycall Re-settable Call Points mimic the feel of breaking glass and once installed will never need to be opened for test or reset
  • Smart+Guard Call Point Covers: BS 5839 recommends the use of manual call point covers in vulnerable areas to mitigate against false alarms. False alarms can cause costly and troublesome interruption and can be avoided by using Smart+Guard call points covers to protect against malicious or unwanted false alarms. This is especially important as children start to return to the classroom. With many children out of school for the past year, keeping them inside the classroom is essential which is why preventing the misuse of a call point is crucial
  • Identifire: Our VID design is superior in performance with bright LEDs across a range of lens colours for all different applications, clearly notifying occupants in the event of an emergency. Aesthetically pleasing, Identifire can be flush or surface mounted to fit in with existing building design
  • Fire-Cryer: Research has shown that voice alarm messages result in quicker reaction times in the event of a fire. Fire-Cryer provides clear unambiguous messages to ensure fast, efficient evacuation or reaction in cases of fire, evacuation or other life-threatening situations such as lockdown scenarios. With the re-opening of non-essential retail, providing a simple yet effective solution to keep people safe is essential.
  • ClamBell: A modern take on a traditional fire alarm warning device, the ClamBell has an innovative hinged design that swings shut after installation and a permanently fitted gong meaning no disassembly is required during installation. The distinct tone of the ClamBell can be used in a manufacturing facility where machinery emits similar tones to a fire alarm sounder often creating confusion. The ClamBell can also be used in educational establishments to signify lesson change.

For more information on any of our fire and evacuation range, visit the Evacuation section on our website and get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash