Hydrosense protects new Dublin Airport control tower

Vimpex's Hydrosense Water Leak Detection System has been installed in Dublin Airport's new Visual Control Tower (VCT) to protect the new state-of-the-art facility from water ingress, which could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks.

The 87m high tower is Ireland's tallest occupied structure and a commanding new addition to the city's skyline. It comprises three seperate but integrated building elements: the control cab and associated elements, the cab supporting shaft and a base building. The base building will accommodate staff facilities, electronic systems and mechanical plant space to provide control of the building environment.

Vimpex's Hydrosense Water Leak Detection systems are delivering the new standard in water leak detection; applying the integrity, control and reliability of life safety and building infrastructure systems to protect against water ingress that could seriously damage critical IT and communication infrastructure. It continously monitors for water leaks around the clock, year in year out and has the facility for 72 hour battery standby in the event of power failure. Should a leak be detected the control panel sounds an alarm which can be extended to a remote location. When an alarm is raised, Vimpex Hydro-Cryer voice sounders can be used to broadcast an unambiguous message, avoiding confusion with other sounders on site.

Utilising life safety technology in the design of Hydrosense provides the reliability and integrity of EN approved fire detection systems, meaning there is virtually no risk of failure, downtime and significantly fewer false alarms.

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