Vimpex helps craft the sculpture

Vimpex has supplied specialist cutting tools to Europe's Largest Sculpture Foundry that casts and fabricates sculpture for many of the world’s foremost artists including Damien Hirst, Lynn Chadwick and Sarah Lucas.

Pangolin Editions is one of the few remaining foundries that uses the lost wax process, which gives artists a way to cast a sculpture made in clay or wax or another material into a metal, such as bronze, copper, or aluminium. Part of the lost-wax casting method requires wax to be hung on or put inside metal rebar cages to cool and harden. A rebar cage must be made for each individual piece of cast wax and is unique and sacrificial but essential to the process.

Pangolin Editions explained that “Increases in production have required us to cut more rebar, which highlighted a number of issues with the company’s grinders, including the genertion of large amounts of steel filings interfering with the cutting and production process and having to change large numbers of grinder cutting discs on a regular basis - which have impacted on an extremely labour intensive part of the lost wax process. We sought Vimpex’s considerable industrial tool expertise as to how we could best address these issues.“

Vimpex Export Sales Manager – Ogura Industrial, Maria Chudinova, says “The Ogura 20mm Rebar Cutter Vimpex supplied is for the cutting of all standard 6 m lengths of rebar to the required size. Ogura hydraulic rebar cutters produce no heat or sparks and significantly reduce noise and vibration. These powerful tools cut through rebar in seconds, while at the same time eliminating hot work and greatly improving safety. They can be used continuously for over 8 hours without reaching the legal exposure limit to noise or vibration.”

Ogura cold cutters are proving popular in any type of concrete construction or manufacturing environment where there is a need to cut rebar to size or make adjustments to pre-cut rebar.

These tools greatly reduce the risks associated with traditional methods of cutting rebar using grinders or petrol cut off saws.

Manufactured in Japan since 1928 by Ogura & Co. Ogura rebar cutters are high-quality, reliable and durable tools designed for heavy usage. Vimpex Ltd represent the full range of Ogura Industrial and Rescue Tools in the UK and Europe and are fully Ogura-trained with a specialised service centre. All tools supplied by Vimpex are fully supported with spares, repairs and accessories.