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Evacuation and RESCUE Industry insights, news and articles.

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Evidential Approaches to Support Healthier Firefighters Today
How Voice Sounders Can be Used in Many Settings
During 2022 more than 20,000 hectares of land was burned due to wildfires. On 19 July 2022 Fire Services had to attend more than 800 individual fires ...
Vimpex has launched the ultimate call point reset tool, the UGO Reset, the ‘Swiss army knife’ of call point test and reset keys
Shoppers were recently evacuated from an Epsom supermarket after thieves maliciously activated a fire alarm call point at Sainsbury's Kiln Lane store ...
Scandecon from Vimpex, a partnership of Europe's leading PPE decontamination experts, offers fire and rescue services science-based decontamination s...
Signaline have recently announced a new EN54-28 approved cable - SL-FT-68-EN
‘Project Gateway’ will help to enhance the customer experience and reduce stockholding.
Into the 5th year of our being a fully fledged UK manufacturer, and Vimpex is reaching some important manufacturing milestones;
The Fire Brigades Union and the University of Central Lancashire are organising a UK-wide health screening programme.

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